Transparency in the Metaverse

Watching Automated Mining in Real-Time and Retrospectively

Forging New Space Is Not Easy

The More We Know, the More We Can Choose

The Federations Actions Toward Fairness

  • Time — The Federation has allowed a period of time for automated miners to display their actions for all to see. This has been studied by data scientists in Alien Worlds’ communities. Explorers and Explorer Communities are reviewing and studying this data, creating new technologies to understand what happens and the implications. The Federation understands that this time has been frustrating for many Miners, but thanks everyone for their patience while these paths have been exposed and studied.
  • Pause — NFT game card mining has been paused. As some NFTs are nearing their maximum supply, Explorers requested that the Federation pause NFT mining until automated mining levels have been studied and reduced.
  • Replacement — Maximum supplies reached recently have left some Miners without the ability to claim NFT game cards earned. These will be replaced, so that individual Miners can claim similar NFT game cards in the future.
  • Dialogue — The Federation has been in dialogue with many Explorers and Explorer Communities skilled at data science, blockchain development and forensics and decentralised communities. Explorers willing to join with the Federation to study and analyze metal creatures are encouraged to stop by the Support Station with their ideas. Some communities have been sending tools to known bot accounts to cause them to become flagged, taking matters into their own hands.
  • Flagging — The Federation has developed a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional system for identifying and flagging potential automated miners, violating the Terms of Service of the Alien Worlds Metaverse. This includes several types of automated reviews, as well as several types of manual reviews. New approaches are being tested often and are changed on variable schedules. This time of study has been helpful for learning best practices, which can be deployed and tightened, or loosened, as needed.
  • Unflagging Requests — Explorers who find they are mining very low amounts are encouraged to submit a ticket at the Support Station in the lower right corner of to have their account reviewed to ensure that it was not falsely flagged. It is possible that unflagging requests may be needed a few times during this time of study, but please submit only one per issue at a time, to prevent your issue losing its place in the queue. Federation Operations team members have come together to research issues of false flagging and are on standby to help. Please note that requests can often take several days to process, but thank you for your patience.
  • Resources for Explorer Communities — The Federation is working with data systems provider EOSUSA to provide a list of accounts believed to be automated mining related accounts to suppress from community reward drops of NFTs. Also provided will be a list of known individual Miners, who are entitled to qualify for such drops. Any activity that appears as automated mining may put someone into these categories. Disputes or inquiries (if mining low amounts of TLM) can be submitted at the Support Station at



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