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4 min readMay 5, 2021

The Federation is excited to announce the emergence of Planet Binance and the Planet Binance Missions game within Alien Worlds. Now, Explorers will be able to lease their own Spaceships to go on Missions throughout the Metaverse.

Explorers can find a preview of the Planet Binance Missions below, including:

  • How the Planet Binance Missions will work
  • Planet Binance Tokenomics
  • How Planet Binance Missions connect with future functionality

Planet Binance Missions

Key Details

Planet Binance Missions is a game where Explorers can lease Spaceships to go on Missions.

Each Mission will have a shared Trilium (TLM) rewards pot. Explorers will have the opportunity to stake Trilium in order to lease a Spaceship to go on a Mission. Since the Missions are stored on the blockchain, Explorers will be able to see other Explorers’ Mission activity. Each month, there will be eight different Planet Binance Mission NFT game cards released on the Binance Smart Chain, related to the start date of eight different Missions.

Each Mission has a Mission Centre dashboard with statistics for future use. Statistics will represent your Spaceship Power and Crafting Power. Spaceship Power and Crafting Power are two NFT stats that give you greater performance, or the ability to combine NFTs to create stronger items.

Top Left = Part Type, Bottom Left = Base Power, Bottom Right = Boost Power


There are 4 different lengths of Missions — 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 13 weeks. At the end of each Mission, each Spaceship receives an exclusive NFT game card related to when that Mission was started. NFT game cards will be issued and stored on the Binance Smart Chain. There is a maximum of five of each NFT game card per Explorer. The longer the Mission, the more powerful the NFT game card; some NFT game cards will be more challenging to get than others.

Note: Collecting a full set of NFT game cards will have special advantages in the future.

Future Functionality

In Phase 2 of the Missions, you will be able to stake BNB tokens and Planet Binance Mission NFT game cards alongside your Trilium to boost your share of the rewards. But, that is not all! During Phase 3, Planet Binance will be fully integrated into the daily Planetary Trilium allocations and then the competitive dynamics with other planets will really begin.

Additional surprises will be introduced periodically, without much notice, so you may want to have Trilium in your account ready to take advantage of any new developments and to launch your Spaceship at a moment’s notice.

Stay tuned for more information from the Federation as to the launch date, staking rates and how you can launch your Spaceships on Planet Binance Missions.

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