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3 min readMay 5, 2021

Thank You Explorers For Your Feedback

The Federation feels a great deal of responsibility to ensure the fairness of the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Accordingly, adjustments are made from time to time.

Recently, feedback from Explorers and an increase in players, has caused the Federation to consider and make adjustments to tool NFT luck. Through the natural evolution of the game, it appears an imbalance was emerging.

What is tool NFT luck? Tool NFT luck is the calculation that determines the results of your NFT mining due to tools.

Federation member and co-Founder Michael Yeates shared that “Until recently, people with tools with low NFT luck, but who are mining often would often have better chances of getting an NFT than those with tools that are more rare and powerful. Now, with minor adjustments, fairness has again been restored.”

What Changed with Tool NFT Luck?

The luck of each tool has been raised to a power of 1.3 and then divided by 2. The NFT luck statistics of the cards are calculated according to this formula and then summed. This is important because it has very different results than if you sum and then put through the formula. Note that the calculations round down to 1 decimal place, so 3.26 becomes 3.2.

To see the attributes related to the tools, see the spreadsheet linked from the Technical Blueprint. The column on the right is the new modified luck. Those that were 0.5 are now 0.2, but those that were 28 are now 38.

What does this mean? This means that tools that are supposed to be luckier are now in their rightful place. The Federation heard Explorers concerns and continues to balance the tools to ensure ongoing fairness in the Metaverse.

Note: The total NFT luck is a relative number, related to each other in strength, and does not represent the percent likelihood of mining an NFT.

Are Explorers Still Getting NFT Game Cards from Mining?

Yes, even though the number of Explorers in the Metaverse has been growing, miners continue to mine Trilium and NFT game cards. At the time of this writing there were:

NFT Game Cards Mined During the Last 24 Hours:

38,908 Abundant

4,551 Common

410 Rare

107 Epic

11 Legendary

0 Mythical

The Federation will continue to monitor the situation and to ensure fairness, may make additional updates, as needed.

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