The CryptomonKeys have been creating custom art to reward mining amongst their community members. Everywhere Explorers go throughout the Metaverse, they are encountering CryptomonKeys and their human friends. Here are some of the art pieces they have designed and granted as rewards for mining on CryptomonKeys land in Alien Worlds:

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Credit — CryptomonKeys

Due to popular demand, the Federation is now collaborating with CryptomonKeys for limited edition special game cards, available to all Alien Worlds Miners, if they are lucky enough to receive the drop.

The first special CryptomonKeys item is a Bananominer tool. There will be 1919 of these common tools available…

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The Federation believes in having as many landowners as possible being active participants in the Alien Worlds ecosystem. As Land is only available from Land Packs, there is a risk that many pieces of Land would stay in the packs and never become active. Due to this risk, the Land Fund was created to be made operational when required.

The Alien World Land Fund is a major incentive for holders to open their Land Packs and is detailed in the technical blueprint as shown below: -

The Land Fund

Every time a user mines a piece of land, a default…

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Welcome Explorers!

Welcome to the more than 12,000 explorers who have found their way into the Alien Worlds metaverse during the past month! During the last 24 hours as of this writing, there were 7,348 active players (explorers).

Traveling through the Metaverse can be tricky business. Having the best tools can mean the difference between a good mine and a low mine, or health in the upcoming Thunderdome.

How can the average explorer with a bag full of shovels get ahead?

The Federation cares about each and every explorer and created Alien Worlds Shining to help those with or without their ideal tools.

Now, explorers can take 4 game cards and turn them into new shiny game cards, each being created with a new mint number (usually much lower than the cards shined). …

Alien Worlds’ initial functionality has been based on mining and staking. Various other features are being released but one that we are very excited about is the Thunderdome battles where explorers get to put their Minions into fights against other Minions.

In Alien Worlds, there are potentially a myriad of ways that the minions and weapons will be used. This post outlines how the first Thunderdome battle game will work.

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Key concepts

  • This first battle game will be in a Battle Royale / Hunger Games format where many Minions enter and only one minion emerges as the final victor.
  • The overall winner…

Just 3 weeks into our soft beta launch and thousands of people have started exploring Alien Worlds. This incredibly rapid take up has driven Alien Worlds up the Blockchain Games Charts and Alien Worlds is now ranked 4th in the games section on DappRadar.

But just when you thought it would be the same NFTs in the mines, the Horrors have appeared.

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In collaboration with our friends at Ultra Rare (website), and to coincide with their great new NFT collection release on WAX, we are pleased to announce that Alien Worlds’ Explorers will be able to mine 2 special Alien…

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Today (Earth Date : 31st Dec 2020) is a historic day in Alien Worlds and Blockchain History. Today, as per the technical blueprint, the Federation turned on the Daily Trilium Allocation to Planets.

From now on, each Planet will receive a daily amount of Trilium (the in-game currency of Alien Worlds). The amount of Trilium varies according to the amount staked and the amount of activity on that planet.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to our wonderful Alien Worlds community on Earth, Eyeke, Veles, Magor, Neri, Naron and Kavian!

Alien Worlds has had an incredible 2020 — all thanks to our community.

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Read the cointelegraph article here

Here is a selection of the wonderful people who helped make this possible this year — thank you

Today is the Alien Worlds’ Land live Dutch auction!

5th Dec 2020 @

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Here’s some important points

  • Every hour the price drops until we sell out — but don’t wait — when the rush starts they go quickly.
  • Join our Telegram or Discord to ask questions, or email
  • Newbies without crypto, we recommend using the ‘WAX’ sale option — you must set up a WAX Cloud Wallet ( . You can then ‘buy WAX’ through Moonpay and go back to our sale to place to your pre order or bid.
  • All bidders must have a WAX Cloud Wallet (ETH and WAX bidders)

See our Land Roadmap and…

The upcoming land sale has caused some huge disturbances in the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Some wild things have started happening.

Firstly, 50 Astronauts from the KOGs Universe mysteriously appeared orbiting Naron. These guys are trying to get back home but no options seem available yet.

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Then 10 XDimension Storm Giants have been reported crossing the Mountains of Magor.

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