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May 2020

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5 min readMay 20, 2021


Congratulations Explorers!

Although it is only near five months of exploration of the Alien Worlds Metaverse, we now see a rapid exodus from Earth. As of this writing, more than 2 million Explorers have left to find new Trilium reserves and discover NFT game cards throughout Alien Worlds. Please join the Federation in welcoming our new fellow Explorers to the Metaverse. The Federation would like to extend gratitude to early Explorers for welcoming the newest arrivals.

Sneak Preview: Planet Binance Missions Game

The Federation is excited to announce the emergence of Planet Binance and Alien Worlds’ second game: the Planet Binance Missions game. Now, Explorers will be able to lease their own Spaceships to go on Missions throughout the Metaverse.

Have Great Tools? You Just Got Luckier!

The Federation feels a great deal of responsibility to ensure the fairness of the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Accordingly, adjustments are made from time to time. Recently, feedback from Explorers and an increase in players, has caused the Federation to consider and make adjustments to tool NFT luck.

Play Updates

Alien Worlds at play.alienworlds.io has been updated! The new build is v0.3.94 and is now live. Changes made include:

  • Display landowner commission on claim screen
  • Updated staking/unstaking UI logic
  • Updated UI with new charge time when switching land before claim
  • Updated UI text for tools in inventory
  • Optimized claim time
  • Optimized the tools/assets window
  • Fixed XXX error on staking/unstaking screen

To ensure the new changes are visible to you, delete browser cache and cookies and launch play.alienworlds.io again. The Federation will continue to make improvements throughout the Metaverse and thanks all Explorers for their suggestions.

Evidence of Shiny Minions and Weapons Found in the Metaverse! And, Important Changes to Shining

Beginning on Friday 21st May 2021 at 15:00 UTC Earth time, the Federation will be opening up the Shining Portal for Explorers to shine Minions and Weapons.

Teleport to Binance Launchpool

Trilium (TLM) was the 19th to launch on Binance Launchpool and the largest ever. Alien Worlds co-founder Saro McKenna wrote about what it meant in her recent article, where she also looks ahead to Alien Worlds future.

Get Involved!

Are you thinking of running for Planetary Councilor of your favorite planet? Get elected and determine what happens with planetary allocations of Trilium from the Federation. The Federation will be sharing more information about the Planetary DAOs soon. Meanwhile, Planetary Councilor candidate registrations are now open!

Beware of Scams!

The Federation recently published an article “Beware! Scammers Attack in the Metaverse!” warning about several scams that have been discovered during exploration.

How Do You Explore the Alien Worlds Metaverse?

Some of our explorers have filmed their travels throughout the Metaverse and bring you this video, providing an overview of how to explore the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Watch the latest video.

Tools Make the Mine

Recently, Ted focused on the Nanominer… a prized tool for any contest participant. What’s so great about the Nanominer? See what Alien Worlds Guru has to say about it.

Ted’s Travels

Ted will soon be traveling in his Spaceship throughout the Metaverse! As Ted visits different lands, he is inviting you to join him to mine, explore the local history and lore, and meet other Explorers along the way. Where in the Metaverse should Ted go?

About Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is an NFT defi metaverse running on the Ethereum, WAX and BSC blockchain. The in-game currency — Trilium (token symbol TLM) — was listed on Binance on 13.04.2021. TLM incentivises explorers to play games and must be staked to participate in governance. Planets within the metaverse are decentralised autonomous organisations which receive daily Trilium from the central metaverse smart contracts. Explorers engage through mining by acquiring and renting land, and voting for Planetary governance to impact Trilium payouts. The metaverse is extensible because Planets are independent and can offer their own games UIs and NFTs. Indeed, users are already doing this. Follow the metaverse at alienworlds.io and play at https://play.alienworlds.io/

Join the Metaverse

Get a Login to the Game: https://wallet.wax.io/

Use Login to Access to the Game: https://play.alienworlds.io/

Register for Planetary Councilor: https://council.alienworlds.io/

Unbox Packs and Get Access to Game Card Shining: https://unbox.alienworlds.io/inventory

Find Communities in the Metaverse

Website: https://alienworlds.io/
Medium: https://medium.com/@alienworlds
Telegram: https://t.me/AlienWorldsOffical
Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/AlienWorlds_Announcements
Discord: https://discord.io/alienworlds
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlienWorlds
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alienworlds.io
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/alienworlds
VK: https://vk.com/alienworldsruofficial



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