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Communities Are the Fabric of the Alien Worlds Social Metaverse

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What is a Community in the Alien Worlds Metaverse?

Where Can I Find Alien Worlds Communities?

What is a Mining Event?

How Can Communities and Mining Events Be Added to the Alien Worlds Community Calendar?

How Can Community Leaders Coordinate NFT Drops for Miners on Their Lands or All Lands?

What are Current Mining Events

Kinderminers Mining Event

Ultra Rare Mining Event

Rules for Mining event

Each Mine above 0.025 TLM will receive a bonus ticket entered into the drawing.

Attention, Explorers! This is Commander Ivanov from the Russian ship Zvezda!



Tool Rules

Zombie Worlds Mining Event

88Mining Climb The Mountain Event

C.A.I.T. Mining Event

Mercenary Arts Mining Event

Galaktika Mining Event

GraffitiKings Mining Event

Conelandia Collab Event

Mine on the lands

ArtVndngMchn, in collaboration with EOSUSA invites you to participate in…

NFT Fun Fair

AnyObservation Mining Event
Coming Soon!

Alien Worlds Staking Event

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