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Communities Are the Fabric of the Alien Worlds Social Metaverse

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The Essence of the Social Metaverse

Although blockchain technology is used to create Trilium and NFTs, which are what binds the Alien Worlds Metaverse, it is Communities that are the heart and soul. Together, the technology and the Communities are what empower individuals and initiatives to thrive in this Social Metaverse.

What is a Community in the Alien Worlds Metaverse?

A Community is any group who plays or supports Alien Worlds.

Where Can I Find Alien Worlds Communities?

Visit the Explorers’ Station Communities portal:

What is a Mining Event?

When a Community offers to reward some of the Miners who are Mining on their land/s, it is typically called a Mining Event.

How Can Communities and Mining Events Be Added to the Alien Worlds Community Calendar?

Community leaders manage Communities and can request to be added to the Explorers’ Station list of Communities and add Community events to the Alien Worlds Community Calendar, by messaging the Support Station in the lower right hand corner of

How Can Community Leaders Coordinate NFT Drops for Miners on Their Lands or All Lands?

Read more about EOSUSA’s Butler services here:

What are Current Mining Events

Receive extra rewards for your Alien Worlds Mining Activities through Alien Worlds unofficial Communities Mining Events. Below are some of the Mining Events hosted by unofficial Alien Worlds Explorer and Friends of the Metaverse Communities.

Kinderminers Mining Event

🌟We’re a community of AW players, including Ambassadors, Miners and Land Owners that want to see a more equitable future.

🌟 We believe giving back to the community with compassion and value will create long term synergy.

Mine With KINDERMINERS ❤️👑 !!!

⚡️⚡️⚡️Current Offer⚡️⚡️⚡️

👑 Automatically get entered to WIN!

👑 Random daily drawing for all KINDERMINERS! Mine over 0.125 TLM get double daily drawing entries!

👑 One Miner takes all: 100 WAX | 1 NFT

👑 Simply Mine on any of the KINDERMINERS Lands for a chance to be randomly chosen and paid daily!

🌟 All KINDERMINERS Property Owners agree to pay out 90–95% of all Mined TLM on their land🌟

🌕🚀We support Mining on Naron and Neri! 🌕🚀

❤️ Active KINDERMINER Lands ❤️ Last Daily Winner ❤️ KINDERMINERS NFTS ❤️

👑 Kind-er-Miners is supported by the following: CSX BP, EOSUSA, KROWN Community, MetaDAC, Bassmint

Ultra Rare Mining Event

16-bit Squad NFTs available for free when you Mine on Ultra Rare lands at

Rules for Mining event

  • You must have at least 1 Ultrahorrors NFT in your wallet
  • You must Mine on one of the lands pictured above
  • Each Mine above 0.01 TLM will be entered into the hourly drawing.

Each Mine above 0.025 TLM will receive a bonus ticket entered into the drawing.

Attention, Explorers! This is Commander Ivanov from the Russian ship Zvezda!

We are in distress after leaving a Worm-hole in the Metaverse. The ship won’t last long! SOS!

We are sending rescue capsules with a crew and valuable cargo to the nearest three Planets! I ask for maximum help in detecting them! Time is playing against us, Explorers!

Prepare your spaceships and tools! All you need is to arrive at the specified coordinates and start Mining!


  • Neri 11:19
  • Eyeke 11:19
  • Kavian 32:8


The number of attempts is unlimited! The leaderboard will be based on the total number of TLM Mined in 2 days

Tool Rules

Maximum Rarity: Epic

Maximum Shine: Stone

The top 3 Miners will be awarded at the end of the event! We will also draw another prize among all the brave Explorers who took part in the rescue mission).

Each winner will receive — an Alien Worlds Promo Pack!

Zombie Worlds Mining Event
Join the Horde and Mine on Magor 22:1 for a chance at some NFTs from Byron the Artist!

Every hour, two lucky Miners on Magor 22:1 will receive a NFT from Byron’s art collection airdropped to their account. Grab a shovel and join the Horde!

88Mining Climb The Mountain Event

Community Page on Explorers’ Station

88Mining is a little mountain pit stop where new Players can find out more about the Alien Worlds game.

The Mountain Man will be happy to oblige new Players with Shovel loans, a little bit of CPU, and small prizes to help them on their Alien Worlds journey.

There is also an ongoing climb the mountain jackpot event where Explorers can Mine on Naron 27:6 for a chance at grand prizes.

C.A.I.T. Mining Event

Mine on C.A.I.T. lands for cards from the Nerimining Collection that can be blended for new NFTs

Mine on NERI 19:4 (the C.A.I.T. lands in Alien Worlds) and earn an entry into the hourly giveaway of one card from the Nerimining Collection, which can be blended to create new NFTs on NeftyBlocks.

  • N Template #205437 Monday
  • E Template #205455 Tuesday
  • R Template #205463 Wednesday
  • I Template #224227 Thursday
  • 1 Template #205473 Friday
  • 9 Template #205477 Saturday
  • 4 Template #205481 Sunday

Mercenary Arts Mining Event

Farm Little Monsters NFTs on the Mercenary Arts lands in Alien Worlds

Galaktika Mining Event

Courageous Galaktikans needed to help locate and identify a mysterious element recently discovered in Galakitka Mines.

The Razatech Voyager ships and Scout ships just came back from the Alien Worlds sector with some astonishing discoveries.
They have found some rare resources on Planet VELES 20:6 and Planet NARON 24:9 that could change the destiny of the galaxy and beyond.

The reports show that they have just discovered rare holographic plans of other civilisation’s spaceships… and especially spaceships belonging to Purgamen, Alliance and Luminayan so far… These plans can lead us to find them sooner than expected.

Further analyses also show that a mysterious element, never seen before in the galaxy, is present in abundance on these lands.
We need courageous Galaktikans to jump onboard now and start Mining on these two locations and report to us, the Galaktika Council, what they have found for further research.

Everyone who holds a GALAKTIKA Boarding Pass Lev1 is invited to board now on the Voyager Ships leaving everyday.

Once you arrive on these lands you can Mine as much as you want and get a chance to unearth a special NFT.

Each Mine above 0.01 TLM will be entered into the hourly drawing.

Each Mine above 0.025 TLM will receive a bonus ticket entered into the drawing.

GraffitiKings Mining Event

100 lucky Miners each day will win a GraffitiKings NFT for Mining their Alien Worlds Lands

Mine on any of the GraffitiKings Lands and you will earn a chance for one of the 100 NFTs that will be awarded to random Miners for that day.

Conelandia Collab Event

Friends of Conelandia want you to get exclusive NFTs from this event
From the minds of:

  • Acid Tea Granny
  • Conelandia
  • ArtByHuddo
  • Blockbunnies
  • 88 Mining
  • CuteCrushies
  • Blockchain Blumpas
  • Starcards
  • And many more to be found

Mine on the lands

  • MAGOR 26:18 (Rocky Crater)
  • NARON 26:19 (Icy Desert)
  • MAGOR 13:4 (Rocky Desert)
  • MAGOR 38:7 (Mountains)
  • NERI 9:4 (Tree Forest)
  • MAGOR 18:13 (Rocky Desert)
  • MAGOR 25:12 (Mountains)
  • EYEKE 13:18 (Tree Forest)

Good Luck Explorers!

ArtVndngMchn, in collaboration with EOSUSA invites you to participate in…

NFT Fun Fair

September 17th (3pm UTC)

Mine on Kavian 38:14 in Alien Worlds for a chance to receive free NFTs created by Joe Chiappetta, an OG pioneer in crypto art.

This is one of the many activities going on for NFT Fun Fair. Check joeychips on Twitter for a full schedule.

Bonus entry if you hold an ArtVndngMchn card (from series 1 or 2) in the same wallet!

ArtVndngMchn is a gamified way to discover and collect new fine art NFTs — from cryptoart OGs and emerging artists — all wrapped in bundles on the blockchain.

AnyObservation Mining Event
Coming Soon!

AnyO is at it again! Every hour, one lucky Miner on the AnyO Lands will get a bonus AnyO NFT airdropped to their account.

Alien Worlds Staking Event

Each Friday, every Miner with >100 TLM staked has a chance to win an Alien Worlds Promo pack.

Alien Worlds rewards Miners who have more than 100 TLM staked (cumulatively across any/all Planets) with a weekly chance to win 1 Alien Worlds Promo Pack.

Each week, from a list of all accounts with 100 or more TLM staked one lucky Miner will receive their reward: a Promo pack that contains 1 Alien World game NFT and possibly a Trilium reward!

Stake your Trilium to have a chance to win!

Alien Worlds is the #1 Blockchain Game!

With more than 3,328,707 player accounts, and more than 269,985 active daily, Alien Worlds has quickly climbed the DappRadar ranking charts. Alien Worlds has become #1 Blockchain Game. The Federation would like to thank all Explorers for making this possible.

About the Alien Worlds Social Metaverse

What would you do, if you could create anything in the world? Join the Alien Worlds simulation of Earth’s economy using the Trilium (TLM) game token. Seek your fortune and thrive in the Trilium and NFT Social Metaverse. Get started by going through the Wormhole at and start by Mining at Welcome to Alien Worlds! #create #thrive #Metaverse #NFTs #TLM



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