Report Your Mining Results at the Travelers’ Log

Call to Explorers! — Please Mine and Report Your Results

Metaversal Operations Asks Explorers to Help Tune the Mining Portal

While traveling the Metaverse during the next two days, please stop by a Planet to Mine each day and report your results.

Metaversal Operations is tuning the Mining portal in an effort to continually improve the Explorers’ experiences, and would like to know your success at login and with the mining results.

Using your WAX Cloud Wallet, login at

Help with the tuning effort by reporting your findings at the Travelers’ Log linked here.

During the first two days of reports, five of the Explorers who report their findings accurately will be selected to receive an Alien Worlds NFT Game Card Pack.

Thank you for your participation in the Mining portal tuning!

Portal to Alien Worlds Mining

Using your WAX Cloud Wallet, login at

Visit the Explorers’ Station

Alien Worlds is the #1 Blockchain Game!

With more than 3,325,385 players, and more than 248,675 active daily, Alien Worlds has quickly climbed the DappRadar ranking charts. Alien Worlds has become #1 Blockchain Game. The Federation would like to thank all Explorers for making this possible.

About the Alien Worlds Social Metaverse

What would you do, if you could create anything in the world? Join the Alien Worlds simulation of Earth’s economy using the Trilium (TLM) game token. Seek your fortune and thrive in the Trilium and NFT Social Metaverse. Get started by going through the Wormhole at and start by Mining at Welcome to Alien Worlds! #create #thrive #Metaverse #NFTs #TLM




Official Medium account for the Alien Worlds Metaverse

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Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds

Official Medium account for the Alien Worlds Metaverse

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