New Planet Discovered in Alien Worlds!

The Alien Worlds Metaverse is constantly expanding. From the creation of Trilium and the first ever transaction in April 2020, to the sell out NFT pack sales of Q4 2020, to the opening of the game economy on 22 December 2020, to reaching the 50,000 player milestone on 18 March 2021, to the welcoming of private TLM buyers who are supporting the metaverse, to the Good Vibes Mining community events which began in February 2021, to the opening of Planet DAO Councilor registrations, the Metaverse has been full of discovery and intrigue for Explorers during the first 4 months of exploration.

New Planet Discovered: Planet Binance

What Does the New Planet Binance Mean for the Metaverse?

  • A slight increase in Daily Trilium Allocation to account for another Planet (increase by 1 to NOP), according to the details that can be found in the Technical Blueprint
  • The creation of a new Planet Binance account on WAX, which is a “gas planet” (landless) and whose function will be to accrue Trilium
  • Accrual of Trilium into Planet Binance, which will fund a “missions game” where holders of TLM on BSC can send spacecraft on missions of defined durations, and receive NFT and TLM rewards

Binance Launchpool


Contract Addresses

The contract addresses for TLM on BSC and ETH are being revised and we advise people not to trade tokens on BSC or ETH at this stage.

Note: Please make sure you are always interacting with the correct token contracts.

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