Land Sale Today

Today is the Alien Worlds’ Land live Dutch auction!

5th Dec 2020 @

Here’s some important points

  • Every hour the price drops until we sell out — but don’t wait — when the rush starts they go quickly.
  • Join our or to ask questions, or email
  • Newbies without crypto, we recommend using the ‘WAX’ sale option — you must set up a WAX Cloud Wallet ( . You can then ‘buy WAX’ through Moonpay and go back to our sale to place to your pre order or bid.
  • All bidders must have a WAX Cloud Wallet (ETH and WAX bidders)

See our and More on ! and some extra special reasons why you may want to get in early —

Buzz is at the max! Our telegram has doubled in a week, and in the last few days alone:

We have had lots of press coverage:



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