XDimension Storm Giants, Inter-dimensional Astronauts and Aioshi Holoform Revealed?

Alien Worlds
2 min readDec 3, 2020

The upcoming land sale has caused some huge disturbances in the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Some wild things have started happening.

Firstly, 50 Astronauts from the KOGs Universe mysteriously appeared orbiting Naron. These guys are trying to get back home but no options seem available yet.

Then 10 XDimension Storm Giants have been reported crossing the Mountains of Magor.

Explorers of Alien Worlds have been trying to understand what is going on but Aioshi (the Supreme Intelligence of Alien Worlds) has now revealed what is happening. They have been bought in as part of the Genesis Land Sale.

In addition, Aioshi has consented to have a unique mythical Avatar minted — 1/1 — to be revealed on the 4th Dec 2020.

Here’s what’s going to happen

For every pack successfully bought in the upcoming Land Sale, a buyer will be recognised as having tickets for the draw for all 60 Minions and the mythical Avatar. How many tickets a buyer will get accredited will depend on when they successfully buy.

The list below details the successful buy period and how many tickets per pack.

  • Period 1 =300 Tickets per pack
  • Periods 2 to 5 = 200 Tickets per pack
  • Periods 6 to 10 = 140 Tickets per pack
  • Periods 11 to 15 = 90 Tickets per pack
  • Periods 16 to 20 = 50 Tickets per pack
  • Periods 21 to 24 = 30 Tickets per pack
  • Periods 25 to 28 = 20 Tickets per pack
  • Period 29 = 16 Tickets per pack
  • Period 30 = 13 Tickets per pack
  • Period 31 = 10 Tickets per pack
  • Period 32= 7 Tickets per pack
  • Period 33= 5 Tickets per pack
  • Period 34= 3 Tickets per pack
  • Period 35= 2 Tickets per pack
  • Period 36= 1 Ticket per pack

Note that these tickets will be held for users by the Federation and a list of all tickets and there associated ids and wallets will be published prior to any draw.

The draw for all NFTs mentioned here will take place in the week following the sale — details to follow.

Go and join the pre-order party and sale now at https://unbox.alienworlds.io



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