Alien Worlds Special Land Sale

Sale Basics

Eyeke — Area preserving projection view with land parcels shown

Live auction

  • Opening price: 12,570 WAX or 0.7457 ETH
  • After 1 hour: 12,230 WAX or 0.7254 ETH
  • Descending at 340 WAX per hour / 0.0203 ETH per hour
  • Lowest price point at hour 35 (if not already sold out): 670 WAX / 0.0352 ETH
Kavian — Projection view: Anything not rocky, icy or methane based is rare here


Supply across ETH and WAX

Naron — Projection view: The Island in the lake is central to the Alien Worlds lore

Why the Land Sale is unique

Land is scarce

Veles — Projection View: Lots of wonderful islands and coastline here

Land is special

Neri — Projection view: More forests and sand than anywhere else.

Land is a starting point

What you get in a Land Pack

Opening your Land Pack

Magor — Projection View: Where the volcanoes dominate

How Land is drawn into the pack

Pre-order now



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