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5 min readNov 23, 2020

It’s finally here — Alien Worlds’ most keenly anticipated NFT pack sale, the Land sale, is open for pre-orders now with the live Dutch auction beginning on December 4th 2020 at 13:00 UTC.

Sale Basics

Eyeke — Area preserving projection view with land parcels shown

Live auction

The live sale will follow a Dutch auction where prices go down throughout the auction until we sell out.

Pricing will be as follows:

  • Opening price: 12,570 WAX or 0.7457 ETH
  • After 1 hour: 12,230 WAX or 0.7254 ETH
  • Descending at 340 WAX per hour / 0.0203 ETH per hour
  • Lowest price point at hour 35 (if not already sold out): 670 WAX / 0.0352 ETH
Kavian — Projection view: Anything not rocky, icy or methane based is rare here


You can place pre-orders now at any available price point. Payment for pre-orders is taken when you place the orders; a pre-order will be fulfilled if that price is reached in the auction, before live bids at that price.

If you bid too low and the auction ends before your price is reached, you will not receive those packs and you will be refunded.

Supply across ETH and WAX

You can bid in either Ether or WAX at the prices quoted. We are devoting 50% of packs (1500 each) to each currency; packs may sell out earlier in one currency or the other.

Naron — Projection view: The Island in the lake is central to the Alien Worlds lore

Why the Land Sale is unique

Our last two NFT sales were sell-out successes. Our active community has already been loving collecting the NFTs and strategising how to use them once mining and staking open up soon. So why is so much attention on Land?

Land is scarce

Only 3343 Land Packs exist — they all equate to an area on a map shown in this post. Only 3,000 Land packs are being sold; each contains a single Land NFT (and 7 other NFTs). That’s it. There is no more Land on these planets. Once it’s sold, it’s sold.

Compare this to other projects we also respect, like Decentraland and Sandbox, with about 90k and 120k Land parcels respectively, and you’ll see how scarce Land in the Alien Worlds metaverse is.

Veles — Projection View: Lots of wonderful islands and coastline here

Land is special

Owning Land earns you Trilium passively — without you doing anything — because when miners mine on your Land they must pay your specified “commission”. Commission is the percentage of the Trilium mining yield that must be paid to the landowner.

This is unlike other Alien Worlds NFTs. For example Tools are also needed to mine, but only the owner of the Tool can use it — we don’t have a concept of Tool leasing or lending (although, in time, the community could create this). Land has defi-like yielding functionality baked-in, through the commission, and this will incentivise land owners to come up with interesting plans to get explorers to mine on their land.

For more detail, see Land on Alien Worlds and How to Mine on Alien Worlds.

Neri — Projection view: More forests and sand than anywhere else.

Land is a starting point

Land can be used to mine very shortly. And in the medium term, we also plan to introduce incentives which will make it worthwhile for landowners to add value to their Land. Our Star Route (road map) envisions Land development/terraforming and immersive experiences.

The Federation of Alien Worlds and the Planets themselves are incentivised to make every corner of the metaverse fun and interesting places to be. With Trilium as its lifeblood, Land will be a key channel of those incentives.

What you get in a Land Pack

The Land Pack contains eight cards; one is Land, randomly selected from any terrain type on any Planet.

The other seven can be of any type (Tool, Avatar, Weapon or Minion). In terms of rarity, of the seven cards that are not Land, the drop rate is as follows: -

Opening your Land Pack

It’s a good idea to open your Land Pack straight away because only when it’s opened do you start receiving your Trilium commission. And, as a special incentive for you to open your Land Pack, when you do, you get a payout of a random percentage of all the Trilium in the Land Fund — read more on that here.

Magor — Projection View: Where the volcanoes dominate

How Land is drawn into the pack

Some Land is more special than other Land — who wouldn’t prefer their own island instead of an icy desert? But the Land you get is random — there is no special Land reserved for anyone.

First mints are also random in this pack sale; since all Land is preminted, you may get a mint #1 on opening your pack — maybe even a coveted mushroom forest on Neri. Lucky you!

Pre-order now

Don’t miss out — pre-order your Land pack now at



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