Land on Alien Worlds

Although most land on Kavian is rocky and icy, there are some unusual areas where diverse bio-systems have flourished. Legend has it that these areas were terraformed by ancient aliens. Kavian has a number of small Reptiloid villages.

Core elements of the metaverse

Magor has the most hostile planetary environment in the federation. Due to the volcanic activity, the sky is covered in smoke and the terrain is extremely mountainous. There are no permanent settlements but the sandy part of Magor is considered an anomaly; It is rumoured that the sand covers many ancient secrets.

Core activities in the metaverse

Land and mining

Also known as Second Earth or Terra Alterna as it is the nearest, and closest, of all Alien Worlds to Earth. Humans found Eyeke inhabited by a Monastic order of Greys who believe that Eyeke is a spiritual place. Despite initial fears, Trilium mining seems to be tolerated by the Monks at this time.

Land packs

Opening your Land pack

Mining Commission

A striped planet with large forest and sandy areas, Neri also has some of the biggest areas of methane swamplands. Significant numbers of Little Green People (LGPs) have made the forests of Neri their home but they aim to live in balance with nature so casual visitors may not even notice the LGP colonies.

The Land Fund

Different types of Land

Land — from a Landowners’ perspective

Naron is also a striped planet and it’s geological structure has given rise to distinctive bands of environments. Large icy caps give way to mountainous terrains on both hemispheres. Then come rocky and grassy terrains with 2 huge lakes and sandy desert nearer the equator. The island in the largest lake (Lake Nyari) is held sacred by many alien races and has rival claims which have caused major historical conflicts.

Land — from a miners’ perspective

Landowners’ relationship to the Planet their Land is on

The Land Sale

With almost as much of a water world as Earth, Veles has some of the most beautiful landscapes found thus far in the universe. It’s islands are home to some unique exoflora. Nordic aliens often visit Veles on their travels and some have made it their main home.




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