The Thunderdome: Battling on Alien Worlds

Key concepts

  • This first battle game will be in a Battle Royale / Hunger Games format where many Minions enter and only one minion emerges as the final victor.
  • The overall winner will get the largest rewards (A percentage of the Trilium from the Thunderdome fund and an NFT drop). However, some of the minions eliminated in the final stages will also receive rewards along with the planets they are affiliated with.
  • Each entry will cost Trilium (Amount TBC) — This will be split between the Thunderdome fund and the Treasury (which may decide to burn the TLM).
  • Each Minion can be equipped with one Weapon
  • Each Explorer can enter as many full health, equipped Minions as they would like to
  • Each Minion also fights on behalf of a planet — they will fight other planets Minions before their own and they get a share of “Planetary Power” per battle
  • Each entry can optionally throw an artifact into the Thunderdome that will affect the contest
Fire Wand, Gem Aura Enhancer and Nature’s Lightning Rod Artifacts
  • Each entry is sent in with initial orders (Evade, Attack Strongest, Attack Weakest and Defensive Mode). These dictate how the minion will fight.
  • Each hour the Thunderdome phase changes to favour minions and weapons of a particular element type
  • The battle schedule will be calibrated to allow for a maximum of 720 battles per day and/or a minimum of 8 minions per battle
  • The battles will use seed random numbers and then will run according to transparent published logic in a deterministic way. Through this method external parties will be able to verify that the battles take place fairly.

How to Enter a Minion

  1. Choose a Minion,

The Thunderdome Battle

Once all minions are entered, the battle will begin. This will happen off chain but through a verifiably deterministic process.

After the Battle

The top minions (the number will vary according to the number of minions in the battle) will get their rewards and NFT drops (declining in quantity and quality depending on position). The planets which the top minions are affiliated with will also receive their shares.

Minion Elixir

Roadmap to the Thunderdome

  • Artifacts relevant to the Thunderdome battles will be released through mining
  • Shining will be available for minions/weapons
  • The Smart Contract for the first battler game will be deployed on the WAX Testnet
  • The game logic for this first battler game will be implemented on an external server
  • Testnet testing will begin
  • Balance adjustments will be implemented
  • The first battler game battle logic will be published
  • Beta UI and smart contract deployed on Mainnet
  • Limited Mainnet testing
  • Full release of the first battler game
  • Designs for future battlers released



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