The Alien Worlds Rare Launch Pack Sale : 23rd to 24th October 2020

After the sell out success of the Standard Pack Sale, the Alien Worlds Rare Launch Pack Sale, featuring 8 NFTs per pack, and extremely rare, exclusive XDimension NFTs, is coming and this post will give you all the details you need.

The Rare Launch Pack sale will be held at It will follow a very similar format to the previous sale, that being a Dutch Auction with prices decreasing every two hours. There will be 2000 packs available for purchase in WAX and 2000 packs available for purchase in ETH. There will however be a few helpful changes based upon lessons learnt.

The first change will be that there will be an earlier start time of 13:00 UTC on Friday 23rd October. In addition, the sale will now run over 36 hours to ensure that the sale gives enough people time to plan their purchases.

The other major change is that there will be a pre-order period in which people will be able to set the price that they want to purchase at prior to the sale. This will allow busy people flexibility in how they participate.

The time periods and prices are shown below:-

  • Friday 23rd October 13:00 UTC: 1600 WAX, 0.16 ETH
  • 15:00 UTC: 880 WAX, 0.088 ETH
  • 17:00 UTC: 850 WAX, 0.085 ETH
  • 19:00 UTC: 820 WAX, 0.082 ETH
  • 21:00 UTC: 790 WAX, 0.079 ETH
  • 23:00 UTC: 760 WAX, 0.076 ETH
  • Saturday 24th October 01:00 UTC: 730 WAX, 0.073 ETH
  • 03:00 UTC: 700 WAX. 0.07 ETH
  • 05:00 UTC : 670 WAX. 0.067 ETH
  • 07:00 UTC : 640 WAX. 0.064 ETH
  • 09:00 UTC : 610 WAX. 0.061 ETH
  • 11:00 UTC : 580 WAX. 0.058 ETH
  • 13:00 UTC : 550 WAX. 0.055 ETH
  • 15:00 UTC : 520 WAX. 0.052 ETH
  • 17:00 UTC : 490 WAX. 0.049 ETH
  • 19:00 UTC : 460 WAX. 0.046 ETH
  • 21:00 UTC : 430 WAX. 0.043 ETH
  • 23:00 UTC : 400 WAX. 0.04 ETH

How the Pre-Ordering Works

Pre-ordering is allowed at up until the very start of the sale after which the sale will commence.

You will need to pay the full amount of your bid but this will be refunded after the sale** if you are not successful.

At the start of each auction period, the pre-orders from that period will be sold in the order that they were made.

Any unsuccessful pre-orders will be refunded at the end of the auction, including partial refunds if pre-orders were modified or part-filled.

On the sale screen there is a drop down which allows a user to select the price you want to Pre-Order at. You then select the amount of packs, press Pre-Order and pay the amount. This will then show on the screen.

You will be able to modify their pre-order based up to the amount paid until the start of the sale.

So, for example, 4 packs at 580 WAX =2080 WAX can be changed to 5 packs at 400 WAX =2000 with 80 refund after the sale. Another example would be changing from 4 packs to 3 packs at 520 with 520 WAX refund after the sale.

You can also set you preorder to 0 pack to not participate and get a refund but this refund will only be actioned after the sale**.

Note, that increasing the amount of the pre-order will require an additional pre-order and pre-orders cannot be pooled.

All pre-orders will be shown prior to, and during, the sale.

XDimension NFTs

Some NFTs in the Rare Packs come from the XDimension. In fact all the Rare NFTs have an XDimension Variant that can be obtained from a Rare Launch Pack.

These NFTs are extremely rare — Even if all packs are opened there would only be an average of 4 of each XDimension NFT.

Aside from a stylised Xdimension effect, XDimension Tools, Weapons and Minions all have better stats than their stone counterparts so we are sure they will be highly desirable.

Enter your pre-orders today and make sure to follow Alien Worlds and join our channels.






Also be sure to check out the very informative AMA with Michael Yeates —

** Please note that any pre-payment cannot be refunded before the end of the sale and although we will endeavour to refund promptly, users should allow for up to 5 working days after the sale to receive the refund.

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