The Alien Worlds Land Fund is now Operational

The Federation believes in having as many landowners as possible being active participants in the Alien Worlds ecosystem. As Land is only available from Land Packs, there is a risk that many pieces of Land would stay in the packs and never become active. Due to this risk, the Land Fund was created to be made operational when required.

The Alien World Land Fund is a major incentive for holders to open their Land Packs and is detailed in the technical blueprint as shown below: -

The Land Fund

Every time a user mines a piece of land, a default 20% (configurable) percentage of the Trilium mining reward is paid to the land owner; this is called “commission”. This commission accrues every time a user mines on a Land NFT irrespective of whether that Land NFT has been purchased by a landowner. Prior to a Land NFT being purchased and opened, it is held in an account open.worlds. On Land pack opening, the Land NFT is transferred to the purchaser’s account and the 20% mining commission (Trilium) begins accruing into the purchaser’s account instead of the open.worlds account.

The Trilium accruing into the open.worlds account from mining on unopened land, goes into the Land Fund.

The Land Fund, when set to operational, will pay out to users when they open a Land Pack as an incentive for purchasers of Land NFTs to open their Land packs rather than leaving them unopened.

The payout to an unboxing user from the Land Fund is a random percentage of all the Trilium in the Land Fund pot at that time, varying from 10% — 20% of the pot.

Although over 80% of Land Packs have been opened (which is a very high level that most pack releases do not reach), the Federation would like to get as much land into active use as possible. This incentive should give extra impetus to Land Pack opening and add an interesting level of gamification around who will be the next one to open their pack.

The amount of Trilium held in the land fund can be seen here

The amount of packs opened can be found here

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