Syndicate Underground Issue #4

Syndicate Underground Issue #4

Alien Worlds


Happy new year Explorers! 2023 is off to a great start on the Syndicates. The Custodians have been busy implementing ideas for exciting new products and the community is actively examining proposals and holding Custodians accountable for their actions. Let’s dive into the recent Syndicate happenings.

Was it Ted Shadewick on Naron using a Large Explosive? A game styled in the fashion of classic board game Clue has been proposed by Nick Kusters. This proposal will create a game that brings an element of puzzle solving to Explorers. As of now the proposal needs two more votes to be ratified. You can follow along here for more information: AWIC002 — Murder Mistery on Alien Worlds · GitHub

Neri brought forth and passed an interesting proposal that will allow a dedicated bot team to remove bot networks from mining on all Alien Worlds lands. This proposal earmarks funding for the CryptomonKeys anti bot team to further expand their list of 17,000 known bot accounts. The four detectives will be paid from a pool of 486,000 Trilium.

Eyeke’s Custodians recently passed a proposal that will drop NFTs and increase the social awareness of Alien Worlds. In conjunction with GivaWAX, Alien Worlds tweets will be promoted and NFTs will be dropped in hopes of attracting even more players to the Metaverse.

Fresh off of the holiday season, Magor’s Custodians are in the giving mood and have set aside 140,000 Trilium to be distributed to the planets NFT miners. This proposal divides the earmarked Trilium with all honest miners on the planet in correlation with the amount of NFT points accumulated during the week of December 28th — January 4th.

All systems go for Mission Control! Veles approved a final round of funding for version 1.0 of Mission Control (formerly known as AWquest). The 745,000 Trilium tokens that were approved are set aside for items such as web design, frontend development, hosting, domain names, security and prize pool funding. For more information on Mission Control check out our recent interview with Mirko:

Naron’s custodians are continuing their tradition of rewarding the planet’s NFT miners. For a tenth consecutive week honest (non bot) NFT miners on Naron will receive an additional reward for mining with NFT focused rigs.

This edition’s featured candidate is Good Vibes Mining, also known as GVM. His campaign is based on dividing the water covered paradise’s budget between the Miners, Landowners and charities. Goodvibes would like to see Landowners use their allocation from the planetary budget to upgrade their land plots. The remaining 50% of the planets treasury will be reserved for projects with ‘Goodvibes’ For more information on GVM’s campaign please join his Discord:

This week’s community feedback was submitted anonymously via our content submission form. Our first submission is a call to action to create Discord channels for the projects that are funded by proposals.

‘It would be interesting to have a follow-up of the projects financed by the DAO, for example: -Zombie Outbreak Survival -Trilium quest could have a dedicated discord channel where we could follow the progress of the projects.’

Our second submission is a plea to stop Custodians from transferring Trilium to themselves.

‘Please stop internal transfer of Trilium otherwise there will be no use of DAOs. The DAOs will be all worthless and useless.’

If you have information that you would like featured in future issues, please add your thoughts to our submission form.

Don’t forget Explorers, you can always stay up to date with the latest Syndicate related happenings in the user interface. Follow the link to track current custodians, proposals, candidates, planetary budgets and more!

Each Syndicate also has a dedicated channel within our Discord:

In addition, you can also track activity across the six syndicates by visiting a website created by community staple Anders:

That’s all for the first issue of 2023. Until next time Explorers, take care of yourself and each other.

Disclaimer: Alien Worlds does not endorse any information contained in this newsletter. The purpose is to highlight community Syndicate related activities.

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