Community Spotlight: Mission Control

Community Spotlight: Mission Control

Alien Worlds
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Alien Worlds is an interactive metaverse with content contributed by various community members. Today’s interview highlights an initiative created by longtime Alien Worlds community member and Syndicate Custodian, Mirko. Mission Control is the name of the exciting new game that will be available to players in the near future.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Mirko. How did you get involved in Alien Worlds?

‘Like so many others I came over to WAX and Alien Worlds shortly before TLM was launched on Binance. I grabbed my shovel and started mining. I was very lucky to find a community who gave me two additional tools pretty much right away.

I absolutely love finding out how systems are designed, so I talked to others and read the technical blueprint to learn more about the game. Some might remember me sitting in the Sammy Snake community back then with a gigantic Excel file, helping other players to find out which tool upgrades would make the most sense based on their current setup and budget. I remember those days very fondly.’

What made you decide to participate in the Syndicates?

‘It was at the NFT Community Day hosted by Neftyblocks where I heard that the Syndicates are coming soon, which already sparked my interest. At first, I thought that it is likely that the Syndicates will be taken over by the people running bot farms. I am happy that I was wrong about that.

There are two reasons why I wanted to become a custodian. The first one is that I love hearing about proposals and discussing what kind of value they bring to Alien Worlds. Personally, I like ideas that bring mid-term to long-term value, but I am always open to all other ideas as well.

The second reason is the ability to post proposals myself as it seemed hard to get proposals listed on a planet as an outsider. For those who feel the same way: Please… please contact your custodians if you want to build something and need funding. Talk to us directly. We would love to hear about it.’

What makes Alien Worlds Syndicates stand out from other DAOs?

‘This is a question I cannot really answer as I have never participated in any other DAO and I will likely keep it that way for a while. What I can say however is, that I love the discussions I had with my fellow custodians. We don’t always agree. In fact, we rarely agree, but that’s not a bad thing. So far the process of discussing proposals has often led to improvements in said proposals.’

As a custodian you brought forth a proposal for an interesting new game called Mission Control, what is the premise of the game?

‘Mission Control is a weekly questing system, which gives other games on WAX an easy way to collaborate with Alien Worlds. Players will earn NFT Points in Mission Control whenever they receive NFT Points in Alien Worlds. These NFT Points can then be used to earn a part of the weekly TLM Prize Pool and to gain Experience.

To earn a bigger chunk of the weekly TLM Prize Pool, players can complete quests in partnered games. Quests could be winning a race, playing a battle or something completely different. It all depends on the game.

Players won’t have to do anything but sign up once Mission Control is launched to start earning NFT Points at the same rate they do in Alien Worlds. It should be a no-brainer to sign up once it’s launched.

Mission Control aims to give NFT Points even more utility in the future, so stay tuned!’

What utility will Alien Worlds NFTs have within Mission Control?

‘For now, Alien Worlds NFTs will have no direct utility. Mission Control will focus on giving NFTPoints more utility instead, which will bring additional value to tools that are able to mine them.’

Where is the game currently in terms of development?

‘We like to show off our progress here:

In addition to that we publish the current state of the website every week here: Always keep in mind that this is work in progress and we just do it for transparency. So far, the site is not connected to any features on the Smart Contract.’

Do you have any closing thoughts that you would like to relay to Explorers?

‘I often read the chat in the Alien Worlds Discord. Recently I saw some players talking about how they do not trust the custodians or the projects that are getting funded. I know that we as custodians can do more for transparency. There are already some great ideas to improve on that, but as usual, everything takes time and requires people who want to build it.

With Mission Control we will be able to prove to these players that funding the project was worth it. I honestly can’t wait for the launch. If there are any unanswered questions about the project, feel free to reach out to us in our Discord’

Mirko is currently a custodian on Eyeke and Veles. With continued support from the community and his fellow custodians he hopes to fully develop Mission Control and provide another exciting product for Alien Worlds players. Please stay tuned to our Medium for future updates on new features and products.

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