Play Battledome and Compete in 500k TLM Tournament!

Play Battledome and Compete in 500k TLM Tournament!

Card Battler set in the Alien Worlds Metaverse launches. Tournament inbound!

Play Battledome!

Alien Worlds introduced the Galactic Hubs program in 2022 in an effort to fund and support exciting projects that grow the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Restack.AI received the first-ever Pioneer Grant from Galactic Hubs, the largest grant thus far, for the development of the ecosystem’s first free-for-all card battler game.

Check out the Galactic Hubs website

Today, we’re delighted to present Battledome, a free-for-all player vs. player strategy battle game set in the Alien Worlds Metaverse. In Battledome, your Avatars, Minions and Weapons NFTs compete in a last-man-standing battle of up to 20 players.

The release of this game expands the number of games Alien Worlds Explorers can play with their NFTs, delivering on the promise of an open Metaverse where players control their assets and use them to play across the Metaverse.

Represent Your Syndicate and win up to 200k TLM in Prizes

Compete for your chance to win a piece of the 500,000 TLM prize pool. Due to its skill-based, competitive nature, Battledome presents an opportunity to pit Syndicates against each other where only one will be declared champion. Here’s everything you need to know to compete.

Key Takeaways
Prize Awards

Getting started and playing Battledome

Battledome is a skill-based card battler. Skill-based factors involve player choices of which NFTs to play (weapon and minion), choice of battle orders, choice of planetary alignment, and which Battledome phase to play in.

Getting Started

1) Connect your WAX Cloud Wallet

A Wax Cloud Wallet is required to play Battledome. Setup is easy and can be done in few clicks, follow the below steps or follow this video tutorial

Step 1

  • Go to and and click on the Google, Facebook, or Twitter icon (or any of the icons they want to use to create an account). If you don’t have an account you’d like to connect to, you can use a username/password.
  • Review the Terms and Conditions.
Review Terms

Step 2

  • Transfer 5 WAX to “newuser.wax” and enter your unique code in the memo section when transferring WAX from an exchange or an existing wallet (See image below).
  • Wait for the transaction to go through to complete account creation

2) NFTs. To play Battledome you will need the following Alien Worlds NFTs:


  • Avatars are NFTs which do not confer powers within the game and are purely a collectible for aesthetic value


  • Weapons are NFTs used in Battledome, they have an attack rating, a defense rating and an Element type. Rarer and shinier Weapons can have increased powers.


  • Minions are NFTs which explorers select to fight with in any battling game in the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Minions have an attack rating, a defense rating, a move modifier that influences when the Minion can enter a contest or the amount of power needed to move or use the Minion. Rarer and shinier Minions can have increased powers.

Where to purchase the above?

How to play Battledome?

Go to

  • Connect your WAX Cloud Wallet by clicking on “Connect Wallet” button
Play Battledome
  • Click on “My NFTs” to view your NFTs and to make sure you have the required NFTs
  • You will require an Avatar, a Weapon and a Minion NFT to enter the game
  • To purchase the required NFTs, click on “Browse” which will take you to the Atomichub page where NFTs can be purchased
  • Once you’ve confirmed you have the required NFTs, click on “Game Lobby” and then Click on the “Register” next to the games that are currently available
Game Lobby
  • Click on Register on the pop up after reading the details
Join the Battle!
  • On the next screen select your Avatar
Select your Avatar
  • Then Choose your Minion
Choose your Minion
  • Then Equip your Weapon
Equip your Weapon
  • Then select Orders, choose from Evade, Defence, Attack Strongest and Attack Weakest
Select Order
  • Select the planet you are fighting for on the next screen
Align to Planet
  • Then click on the “Register” button on the next screen
Ready for Battle
  • Sign the transaction on your WAX Cloud Wallet to queue yourself for the game
Transaction Request
  • You successfully queued yourself for the game
Waiting for players
  • Now wait for the required players to join for the session to begin

Introduction to gameplay and tactics

The three major Battledome game tactics are described below, along with some tipson how to apply them.

1. Planetary Alignment

Arrange with your friends or fellow Syndicate members to select the same planetary alignment (e.g. Veles) and you will not attack players with the same planetary alignment until players for all other planets are eliminated in the battle.

2. Battle Orders

Battle orders allow for 4 different choices in the battle. These allow the player to choose from different advantages, either related to avoiding damage (evade and defense) or specific targeting (attack strongest, attack weakest).

  • Evade — 20% chance to evade attack entirely
  • Defense — reduce damage by 10%
  • Attack Strongest — target the highest health opponent
  • Attack Weakest — target the lowest health opponent

*Note that attack strongest and attack weakest will respect planetary alignment where possible.

3. Battle Phases

A “battle phase” in battledome rotates every 60 minutes. You can view the phase in the right hand panel of the battledome lobby screen, after you have connected with a wallet.

The phases and their rotation order is: AIR > FIRE > GEM > METAL > NATURE. NFT’s with “Element” matching the battledome phase receive a bonus in the game! The current bonus is +5/+5, and players can acquire it both for Minions and Weapons, thereby +10/+10 — if they choose their NFT’s carefully and enter the correct battledome phase.

*Note that battledome phase is applied when the battle starts even if you have connected earlier during a different battledome phase, it’s still the phase when the battle starts that counts for that game.

Where will I see scores?

Leaderboard scores are calculated in the following order:

A. The number of wins

B. The number of kills in winning games

C. The amount of remaining health in winning games

D. Any tie breaks for the unlikely case where A,B,C being equal are are resolved alphabetically a-z (wallet ‘a’ beats wallet ‘b’)

Battle your way to the top of the leaderboard — the winners each month will receive prizes including NFTs, Trilium (TLM) and boosts.

Each game has a winner, who is credited with a win on the Leaderboard — you can also see the planetary alignment of the winning player. Click on the name of a game in the Battle History to see the player placings or to watch a replay.

General Rulebook & Tournament Regulations

Here you can find the rules of the Battledome Tournament and information on gameplay mechanics.

Meet others, ask questions and devise strategies in Restack.AI’s Discord channel.

Play battledome NOW!

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