Presenting Galactic Hubs’ Season 1 Grant Recipients

In May, Galactic Hubs, the Alien Worlds community grant fund, began operations. We received 58 submissions from both new and seasoned supporters throughout the 45-day application period. We’re thrilled to report that grants totaling more than 1 million Trilium have been accepted for Season 1 of Galactic Hubs.

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We were delighted to see a diverse range of suggestions and encouraged by the volume of applications. The high level of interest provided us with the opportunity to identify areas of friction in the process as we begin designing improvements for the next season. We want to thank all the applicants for their collaborative spirit as we work towards a robust grant program benefitting the Alien Worlds metaverse.

Galactic Hubs is pleased to announce the first round of grant recipients, along with a brief description of the project and a link to their platform.

Grant Program Recipient Logo

This logo is awarded to recipients granting permission to use it on projects that are approved by the grant program.

eSports & Gaming

Battledome — PvP Combat

Grant tier: Pioneer

Grantees: Alexander Grover, Steve Murphy


A free-to-play, strategic space combat game set in the Alien Worlds metaverse. Players enter the Battledome using their Alien Worlds NFTs.

HODL Warriors — Gamified Fan Fiction

Grant tier: Development

Grantees: Ian Harrison, Darren Cullen


Gamified fan fiction between Alien Worlds and Graffiti Kings through their upcoming P2E game, The HODL Warriors. This includes the minting of 10,000 Alien Worlds-inspired battle deck NFT cards for the game. Go to “Crews & Clans’’ to check out their Alien Worlds collection.

Art & Collectibles

Galaktika — Alien Worlds Inspired NFTs

Grant tier: Development

Grantees: Aurelien Floret, Bona Yu


Alien Worlds inspired NFT cards have been minted in eight rarities. These Trilium spaceship cards are available for Explorers to mine on VELES 20:6 and NARON 24.9. Get your shovels ready!
Grant Demonstration

UnrealWorlds — 3D Animation

Grant tier: Development

Grantee: FifthAce
Development of 3D animation using a Rokoko smart suit and motion capture gloves to animate Alien Worlds characters to enrich storytelling.


AW Fractally — Weekly community meetup

Grant tier: Development

Grantee: Duane Phillipi


Network & Earn at the AW Fractal Community Weekly Meetup at 16:00 UTC, every Friday. A one hour meetup, where community members share what they and/or their communities have done in the last week in the AW metaverse.

Technical Infrastructure

Athenaic — NFT Marketplace

Grant tier: Development

Grantee: Nguyen Tuan


Alien Worlds-only decentralized NFT marketplace, where the community can enjoy lower fees than currently in place on AtomicHub.

Real-World Applications

NFT Backers — Asset-back NFTs

Grant tier: Development

Grantees: Extra von NotHaus, Steven Brendtro


LD2 Protocol developed a platform supporting Trilium-backed NFTs on the WAX blockchain.

dBoard — DAO Platform

Grant tier: Development

Grantee: Jun Dam

dBoard aims to enhance the worker proposal systems and ultimately set up DAOs for success. Expected delivery: December ‘22

Galactic Hubs is eager to support more ecosystem development. Follow us on Twitter, Medium, or sign up for our newsletter to be notified when Season 2 of Galactic Hubs funding is open for submissions!

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