Mission To Manatite

Alien Worlds Treasure Hunt–Quest #10

3 min readNov 5, 2021



Explorers of the Federation, this is Chy Coose of the Kynance extraction colony. We are in desperate need of Manatite to fuel our Trilium extractors.

With the success of the new Missions, the demand for Manatite has outstripped supply. There are Federation ships ready to depart on Supply Missions to help us — but their holds are empty!

We need brave miners who are willing to risk their necks and dig for this ultra radioactive compound.

Without Manatite we have no extractors, and without trillium extraction we have nothing to trade and will surely starve out here.

We know that mining for Manatite is incredibly dangerous, and so we are offering NFT rewards for the courageous among you.

Save us: mine for us.

And remember to wear your shielding suit . If you don’t have one, at least wear some gloves. Good luck Explorers — we’re counting on you…


Mine on any of the 3 lands posted on Alien Worlds social channels at 00:00 UTC Saturday and Sunday.

Tool Rarity

Rare and Below.


Sum of top 30 => Trilium mined per attempt x NFT% (including land multiplier) Mine all you like, only your top 30 attempts will count.


1st-6th — Intergalactic Zombie

7th-10th — ExoGloves

Random prizes will be rewarded as well!

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