Halloween in the Metaverse

Play this Weekend and You Might Find Some Treats

Many of Earth’s traditions and celebrations have traveled through the wormhole with Explorers, as they have traveled, explored and begun to settle on Planets throughout Alien Worlds. Halloween is no exception, and has been reported as a favorite holiday by some. To celebrate this ancient tradition, communities throughout the Metaverse are hosting NFT drops and adventures of all types.

“You’re going to want to be Mining this weekend in Alien Worlds. There are NFTs dropping like Trick or Treats!” — Grey Peacemaker #1

Zombies Spotted in the Metaverse

Are those Zombies we see? YES! Rumor has it there are two new OFFICIAL Alien Worlds Horrors Minions from the Ultra Rare community! Stay tuned for more information throughout the weekend, but be sure to mine on any land just in case you are lucky enough to get one. It’s also been said that both Minions are starting to drop. Can you guess who it is?

Zombies in the Metaverse Treasure Hunt

Deep in the Magor hinterlands a brilliant but disturbed scientist has been conducting terrifying experiments.

Once a celebrated genius amongst the Greys, she was cast out for her blatant disregard for chemical morality.

Only after she was finally tracked down to a secret cave laboratory did her terrible discoveries come to light.

We need brave bounty hunters to track down these horrors before they are unleashed. If you find them then they’re yours: keep them, tame them, use them. Read more about this weekend’s Treasure Hunt: Zombies in the Metaverse.

Lands – Mine on any of the 3 lands posted each day

Tools – Max tool rarity is epic

Scoring – Mine as much as you would like. Each player’s top 30 Trilium attempts will be counted.

The event starts Saturday at 00:00 UTC and ends Sunday at 23:59 UTC.

1st Place — Intergalactic Zombie Minion

2nd Place — Intergalactic Zombie Minion

3rd Place — Intergalactic Zombie Minion

4th Place — Intergalactic Zombie Minion

5th Place — Intergalactic Zombie Minion

6th Place — Intergalactic Zombie Minion

7th -10th Place — ExoGloves

Spooky Stories on Rusty Montains

Rusty Montains on Magor has become a favorite place for stopping by to tell stories. Stop by to tell spooky stories from your travels throughout the Metaverse and you might win an NFT.

Meanwhile, Watch the story of Kesocs, a crafty miner on planet Magor, at the mountain mining station MM-6/11.

On Telegram? Stop by and tell your stories at https://t.me/rustymontains

Wax Gamer’s Halloween Extravaganza!

The Halloween Extravaganza is raging on and many people have already received 1 or more NFTS! Waxgamer is currently dropping 66–70 NFTS per day on players that are mining across the four lands in the Spooky Spectacular! Collect Wax Gamer’s Witch, Sea Creature and Pumpkin-head shards. Blend the three creatures on NEFTY Blocks to receive a ticket. Players with tickets in their wallets on November 1st, at 23:59 UTC will be rewarded! Visit Wax Gamer for details: https://waxgamer.com/

1st Place – Alien Worlds Tool: Advanced TD
2nd-3rd Place – Alien Worlds Tool: Barrel Digger
4th-5th Place – 25 WAX
6th-20th Place – 5 WAX
21st-??? Place – 3 WAX

NFT Drops

Communities have been reporting Halloween weekend NFT drops. Mine throughout the weekend for a chance to get some treats! Commemorate this moment in time with goodies from around the communities in the Metaverse. Although some drops go throughout November, Halloween drops end at the halloween event is running thru 11–1 23:59 UTC. Have some drops? Let us know at the Support Station at Explorers’ Station.

Alien Worlds is dropping NFT game cards on Miners on any land throughout Halloween. Watch your wallet for cards! Also, see the Ultra Rare Horrors drops!

The Alien Worlds Federation wants to reward any miner who has more than 100 TLM staked (cumulatively across any/all planets) with a weekly chance to win an Alien Worlds NFT game card. Each week, a list of all accounts with 100 or more TLM staked will be pulled and one lucky miner will receive their reward. See the latest drops.

Every hour, one lucky miner on the AnyO lands will get a bonus AnyO NFT airdropped to their account. Read more about the drop here.

Friends of Art by Byron are having a Mining event on Magor 22:1. Stop by to mine for a chance at NFTs. Learn more on the Art by Byron Discord.

Mine on Kavian 38:14 in Alien Worlds for a chance to receive free NFTs created by Joe Chiappetta, an OG pioneer in cryptoart. Bonus entry if you hold an ArtVndngMchn card (from series 1 or 2) in the same wallet!

Conelandia empowers creators and miners to connect with NFT drops on all Cone Land Drop Enabled lands. Join our community for regular collaborations with WAX Artists.

Join CryptomonKeys each Friday at 1 pm PT / 4 pm ET as they give away CryptomonKeys NFTs and share the latest news from Neri. Meanwhile, read the latest CryptomonKeys news.

The Razatech Voyager ships and Scout ships just came back from the Alien Worlds sector with some astonishing discoveries. They have found some rare resources on planet VELES 20:6 and planet NARON 24:9 that could change the destiny of the galaxy and beyond. Read more about the drop. See the latest drops here.

Kinderminers are a community of AW players, including Ambassadors, Miners and Land Owners that want to see a more equitable future and who believe giving back to the community with compassion and value will create long term synergy. Read more about the Kinderminers drops here. See the latest drops here.

Krownlandia is handing out trick or treats to Miners on any land on Halloween weekend. No need to knock on doors or ring doorbells, just keep mining and you might get some trick or treats!

Farm Little Robots NFTs on the Nathan4Naron lands in Alien Worlds. Read more about the drops here. See the latest drops here.

This is the inaugural promo of MetaForce Comics Presents Alien Worlds, an upcoming comic book series that examines the many connections throughout the Metaverse. Expect the excitement to launch in 2022. Mine on any lands and have a chance to win one or more of the 1,750 NFTs being dropped on Miners!

Nathan continues to show his commitment to Miners by offering drops on Icy Desert on Naron 26:20. See the latest drops here.

Streaming Art is dropping 150 NFTs on Miners during Halloween weekend. Hang out on the Streaming Art Discord.

To celebrate the launch of two new OFFICIAL Horrors Alien Worlds cards in the Metaverse, Ultra Rare is dropping cards on all Miners throughout Halloween weekend. 666 Zombies and 13 Emissaries will be dropped to lucky Miners!

Every hour, 2 lucky miners on Magor 22:1 will receive a NFT from Byron’s art collection airdropped to their account. Grab a shovel and join the horde! Read more about the drop here. Watch the drop stats here.

As new drops are reported, they will be added here throughout the weekend.

Hang out in the socials this weekend and celebrate with other Explorers.

Find Portals to Alien Worlds socials here.

Find Portals to Explorer Communities socials here.

Happy Halloween Explorers!

#mineeveryday #happyhalloween

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