Galactic Hubs Season 1 Future Grantees

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3 min readAug 24, 2022


Galactic Hubs is excited to reveal the hard-working teams and their projects presently developing at multiple levels of the web3 technology stack. Following several requests, we have extended the delivery deadline to the 31st of August. More time is beneficial to the overall program given the complexity of various proposals.

Several of the recipients below may be familiar as grassroots members of the Alien Worlds community. We are delighted to be a part of their growth and look forward to seeing their innovations furthering the Alien Worlds metaverse.

We are pleased to present the Galactic Hubs Grant Applicants and their respective projects according to project type and are grateful for their commitment in enhancing our ecosystem. To be granted the requested amount of Trilium, project teams must successfully pass the final evaluation process with a minimum score of 14/20.

Art & Collectibles

Project: Alien Worlds inspired NFTs
Request: 85,000 TLM
Team: Aurelien Floret, Bona Yu

Description: Alien Worlds inspired NFT cards minted in seven rarities to be used in the upcoming Galaktika Lore staking game within ‘civilization missions.’

Project: 3D animation
Request: 50,000 TLM
Team: FifthAce
Description: Development of 3D animation using a Rokoko smart suit and motion capture gloves to animate Alien Worlds characters to enrich storytelling.

eSports & Gaming

Project: Gamified Fan Fiction
Request: 100,000 TLM
Team: Ian Harrison, Darren Cullen
Description: Gamified fan fiction between Alien Worlds and Graffiti

Kings through their upcoming P2E game, The HODL Warriors. This will include the minting of 10,000 Alien Worlds inspired battle deck NFT cards for the game.

Project: Fighting game
Request: 100,000 TLM
Team: Vitaly Korolkov, Sergey Pokrishka
Description: Developing a Player vs. Player fighting game made possible using Alien Worlds NFTs and Trilium.

Project: Fighting game
Request: 500,000 TLM (Pioneer level)
Team: Alexander Grover, Steve Murphy
Description: Building a fighting game inspired by the Medium article “The Thunderdome: Battling on Alien Worlds”


Project: Weekly community meetup
Request: 100,000 TLM
Team: Duane Phillippi
Description: Host a weekly community zoom call over 17 weeks. The project will provide a networking event and face-to-face meetup for the Alien Worlds community.

Real-World Applications

Project: Asset-backed NFTs
Request: 100,000 TLM
Team: Extra von NotHaus, Steven Brendtro
Description: LD2 Protocol is developing silver bullion backed NFTs to offer the Alien Worlds community.

Project: DAO platform
Request: 100,000 TLM
Team: Jun Dam,
Description: dBoard aims to enhance the worker proposal systems and ultimately set up DAOs for success.

Thinking of applying to Galactic Hubs Season Two Grant Program?

It’s never too early to start organizing your prospective project. Begin planning now and look for future announcements regarding next year’s tracks.

Web3 is more robust than ever, with more talent, innovation, tools, and adoption than ever before. Galactic Hubs is looking for experienced founders and technical leaders to work on long-term projects with a roadmap. Check out our grant program today to learn more about how your talent and vision can help expand the Alien Worlds metaverse..

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