Alien Worlds Twitter Mining Rally Winners Announced!

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3 min readJun 10, 2021


The recent article “It Was Awesome!” Alien Worlds Twitter Mining Rally Recap” reviewed the first Alien Worlds Mining Rally in the official Alien Worlds Twitter.

Grand Prize Winner

The Miners on Magor were happy to announce the Rally Winner, selected from Miners who mined on each location in the Rally!

Alien Worlds Twitter Mining Rally

Grand Prize Winner

Glavor Disc

Twitter — @ChoricEdward

This Grand Prize winner is granted a Glavor Disc, a Manipulator with a Charge Time of 300 seconds!

Community Prize Winners

In addition to the Grand Prize, several Community Prizes are being distributed to noble Explorers who worked throughout the Metaverse to look for secret code. In addition, the three being granted Community Prizes went above and beyond to deliver codes to Explorer Communities quickly and first before others.

These Miners were among those that rescued the distressed Miners and who have established the new tradition of finding secret codes and delivering and decoding them with the Explorer communities.

Alien Worlds Twitter Mining Rally
Community Prizes

Community — Time Message Delivered — Bag Address

The Lost Mine — 1:34 PM UTC — ge3r2.wam

Magor Land Mining — 5:33 PM UTC — fztb2.wam

Primate Prospectors — 5:27 PM UTC — fztb2.wam

Yield Squad — 5:34 PM UTC — fztb2.wam

88Mining — 1:26 PM UTC — mdmre.wam

Sammysnake Mining — 1:37 PM UTC — mdmre.wam

Packs are being portaled from the Federation soon and will be dropped directly into winners’ Bags.

Bravery Award Winners

In addition, Bravery Awards were issued on June 4th. Bravery Award pack prizes were dropped into Bags and the transactions are linked below.

Alien Worlds Twitter Mining Rally
Bravery Awards






It Was Awesome!” Alien Worlds Twitter Mining Rally Recap

#rally #foundthecodes #minersrescue

It Was Awesome!” Alien Worlds Twitter Mining Rally Recap

#rally #foundthecodes #minersrescue

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