Zombies in the Metaverse!

Alien World’s Treasure Hunt–Quest #9

Explorers — Listen Up! I have a new challenge that will bring big rewards for the brave amongst you.

Deep in the Magor hinterlands a brilliant but disturbed scientist has been conducting terrifying experiments.

Once a celebrated genius amongst the Greys, she was cast out for her blatant disregard for chemical morality.

Only after she was finally tracked down to a secret cave laboratory did her terrible discoveries come to light.

We need brave bounty hunters to track down these horrors before they are unleashed. If you find them then they’re yours: keep them, tame them, use them.

Contravening the most basic of Federation Ethical Codes, she had discovered a powerful new molecule, Horrorclic-9.

Rather than apply this discovery to the fight against diseases, she immediately assimilated the molecule with the DNA of her bodyguard, an Explosives Specialist.

When a Discovery Mission team entered her laboratory they found thousands of test tubes growing a terrifying new minion: the Intergalactic Zombie.

Over 1 thousand of these new Zombies were already fully grown but have been incarcerated for taming, re-education and re-assignment.

Big rewards for the brave amongst you

But 6 had already escaped… The mad scientist has hidden these Zombie minions in secret lairs across the Metaverse leaving only a thread of clues to their whereabouts.

We need brave bounty hunters to track down these horrors before they are unleashed. If you find them then they’re yours: keep them, tame them, use them.

Essential information debriefs will occur at 00:00 UTC Saturday and Sunday on Alien Worlds social channels.


Lands: Mine on any of the 3 lands posted each day

Tools: Max tool rarity is epic.

Scoring: Mine as much as you would like. Each players top 30 Trilium attempts will be counted. The event starts Saturday at 00:00 UTC and ends Sunday at 23:59 UTC.


1st Place — Intergalactic Zombie Minion

2nd Place — Intergalactic Zombie Minion

3rd Place — Intergalactic Zombie Minion

4th Place — Intergalactic Zombie Minion

5th Place — Intergalactic Zombie Minion

6th Place — Intergalactic Zombie Minion

7th -10th Place — ExoGloves

Random miners will also be rewarded with Alien Worlds NFTS!






Alien Worlds Offers the Social Metaverse to Create, Share and Thrive!

With more than 3.6 million players ever, more than 280,000 active daily players and more than 11 million plays per day, Alien Worlds is consistently one of the top blockchain games on DappRadar ranking charts. Alien Worlds has inspired creators to create, share and thrive in the Social Metaverse. The Federation would like to thank all Explorers for making this possible.

About the Alien Worlds Social Metaverse

What would you do, if you could create anything in the world? Join the Alien Worlds simulation of Earth’s economy using the Trilium (TLM) game token. Seek your fortune and thrive in the Trilium and NFT Social Metaverse. Get started by going through the Wormhole at alienworlds.io and start by Mining at https://play.alienworlds.io/ Welcome to Alien Worlds! #play #create #share #thrive #Metaverse #NFTs #TLM #onamission

Play Alien Worlds

Get a Login to the Game: https://wallet.wax.io/
Play Alien Worlds Mining: https://play.alienworlds.io/
Play Alien Worlds Missions: https://play.alienworlds.io/missions
Register for Planetary Councilor: https://council.alienworlds.io/
Unbox Packs and Get Access to Game Card Shining: https://unbox.alienworlds.io/inventory

Connect to Alien Worlds

Website: https://alienworlds.io/
Medium: https://medium.com/@alienworlds
Telegram: https://t.me/AlienWorldsOffical
Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/AlienWorlds_Announcements
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