Zilliqa Partners with Alien Worlds

Zilliqa Partners with Alien Worlds to Expand their Portfolio of Competitive Blockchain Games Ahead of the Launch of Gaming Hub

Alien Worlds will integrate with Zilliqa and showcase new in-game features through Zilliqa’s eSports partners, bringing competitive gaming and blockchain gaming together

Alien Worlds
4 min readJul 27, 2022


LONDON, July 25, 2022Zilliqa, a high-performance, high-security, and low fee Layer-1 blockchain protocol, is announcing a partnership with Alien Worlds, the #1 play-to-earn blockchain game according to dAppRadar.

The partnership will see Alien Worlds pursue integration with the Zilliqa blockchain via their Unity SDK, along with Zilliqa providing a platform to showcase innovative in-game DAOs and Player vs Player (PvP) features to a mainstream gaming audience. This collaboration also expands Zilliqa’s portfolio of competitive blockchain games, as they build out a gaming hub that will enable players to trade in game items and earn platform level rewards.

Alien Worlds will have the opportunity to tap into Zilliqa’s eSports partners like Ninjas In Pyjamas, RRQ, and MAD Lions to reach more traditional gaming audiences. At the same time, Zilliqa will be able to access and engage with Alien World’s wider base of blockchain gamers when launching its own high performance first person shooter game and gaming hub later this year.

“Through Zilliqa’s esports partners and in the future our gaming hub, Alien Worlds can reach traditional gamers who will have the opportunity to be rewarded more tangibly for their in game achievements,” says Tom Fleetham, head of business development of sports and gaming at Zilliqa. “Alien World’s strong and dedicated player base catapulted it into becoming the world’s most popular blockchain game, which in turn will provide significant exposure for our gaming hub as well as the games built by our in-house team and the Zilliqa community.” Valentin Cobelea, Head of Gaming Technology added “We’ll provide Alien Worlds with technical support to ensure the game is properly integrated with our Unity SDK and gaming hub, in what will be a strong addition to our ecosystem.”

To celebrate this partnership, Zilliqa’s esports partners will host an Alien Worlds challenge, which will pit their players against their fans and existing Alien Worlds players. More details on this challenge will be released soon. Alien Worlds players will also have the opportunity to get early access and in-game rewards for Zilliqa’s upcoming game launch.

“Today, NFTs are revolutionizing blockchain gaming by offering utility and in-game functionality so that we can build an even richer metaverse during 2022 with the introduction of DAO tokens as part of Alien Worlds’ game mechanics”, said Alien Worlds Co-Founder and CEO, Saro McKenna. “We look forward to connecting with Zilliqa’s traditional gamers and esports partners who we believe will soon appreciate the true value of P2E earning opportunities within a blockchain game environment and take advantage of the rapidly growing sophistication within the Alien Worlds metaverse.”

According to DappRadar, the global app store for decentralized applications, Alien Worlds has registered around 11 million daily transactions by over 700,000 monthly active users (MAU), making it the largest game DApp (decentralized application) on the planet, which will give Zilliqa’s upcoming title launch a significant boost in exposure and player interest.

About Zilliqa:

Zilliqa provides highly-performant, scalable, and secure blockchain solutions for enterprises and decentralised applications. Founded in 2017, Zilliqa was developed by a team of global business and industry experts, experienced scientists, leading engineers, financial services specialists, and venture creators. Committed to developing innovative and scalable blockchain solutions with a user-centric approach, Zilliqa is driven by the mission to catalyse and transform digital infrastructures across global communities and industries. Zilliqa’s technology has served as the backbone for use cases across the arts, asset securitisation, content creators and the influencer economy, decentralised and open finance, digital advertising, financial services, incentivised marketing, gaming and sports.

To date, the Zilliqa blockchain has processed over 38 million transactions since launching its main net and is home to a flourishing decentralised application ecosystem of over 250 projects. For more information, visit: zilliqa.com.

About Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a breakthrough NFT metaverse and one of the world’s most popular play-to-earn blockchain games, where users can play with unique digital assets (NFTs), stake Trilium tokens, travel on Missions to the planets, vote in elections, and run for planetary council. The game’s 6 Planet DAOs compete with each other for Trilium, allowing users to collaborate, compete and strategize with one another.

With almost 8 million all-time players and more than 700,000 Monthly Active Users (number of unique wallet addresses interacting with Alien Worlds’ smart contracts on a monthly basis, DappRadar), Alien Worlds has rapidly climbed the DappRadar ranking charts and inspired individuals to scale new heights of imagination in order to create, share and thrive in the Social metaverse.

To access and play Alien Worlds and the new Alien Worlds Missions game, visit www.alienworlds.io, play.alienworlds.io/missions and the Explorers Station.



Alien Worlds

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