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The Syndicates are live, and we are excited to bring you the first issue of a brand new newsletter, The Syndicate Underground! This newsletter will be released periodically to keep every Explorer up-to-date with the latest Syndicate happenings from around the Metaverse!

The activation of the Syndicates inspired 55 unique and 77 total candidates to run across Alien Worlds’ 6 planets. Some of the most active members of the community decided to dip their toes in the political arena, with many of them being elected.

Veles News: Goodvibesmining, Sharky, and Lisa Chandler are familiar names to almost everyone in the Alien Worlds Metaverse, and their first real proposal is for a month-long event open to all players.

Naron News: The newly elected custodians on Naron wasted no time putting forth their first proposal, which received three votes from Pasha, Neon Louis, and Pestilentia. As of November 6, a portion of Naron’s treasury has been allocated towards increasing the amount of Trilium rewarded to Alien Worlds players for participating in Discord and Telegram chats.

Kavian News: The Cabal has set up operations on Kavian, with familiar names like Anyobservation, EOSUSA, and Nick Kusters receiving enough votes to win custodial positions. Among their first proposals is to fund the Mission notification bot that Nick Kusters created. As of now, the proposal still needs two more votes to be ratified.

Magor News: JR led the way in Magor’s initial election with 1,572,995 vote power received. One of the more interesting propositions also exists on Magor: the first game! This was brought forth by loadmastersrock, who campaigned on Magor becoming the place to party while declaring the rocky planet to be ‘Army Land’. As of now, Trilium Quest has received one vote.

Eyeke News: One of the Metaverse’s frequent flyers, Duane Phillipi, currently has the most vote power on Eyeke, totaling an impressive 889,298 weighted votes. As of now, the Custodians have brought forth five proposals, including passing one for a signal station at However, other plans are brewing beneath the surface of the much-beloved Terra Alterna.

Neri News: The planet of the apes! Neri deserves recognition for activating their planetary defenses and stopping Kol’s nefarious takeover. Neri also boasts an impressive feat: every custodian has received over two million weighted votes. Newly appointed Custodian, DrYunani, leads the way with 3,324,794 weighted vote power received. Among Neri’s first proposals was a plan to compensate the planet’s Custodians modestly.

Ever since the genesis of Alien Worlds, one of the prevailing themes has been community-inspired tools that aid players in their never-ending quest to add more Trilium to their coffers. In this edition of Community Spotlight, we are proud to present three tools created by the community.

Nick Kusters’ Syndicate voting dashboard. The site allows you to view voting statistics for all six planets quickly. Visit to track your home planet today!

Another awesome tool was created by the team over at This tool shows loads of useful data, including planet stats, balance, links to planet groups and more! Kavian’s custodians recently brought forth a proposal to fund the site, but as of now, it has zero votes. Head over to Aw-Tools ( to check out the site.

Anders, also known as, also created his own version of a Syndicate tracking tool for the community. This tool allows explorers to quickly track proposals by planet, recent votes,top Trilium holders, top planetary token holders, and more! Check out Anyo’s tool here:

The custodians from all six Syndicates hit the ground running and a total of 38 proposals were brought forth during the first week. Let’s take a look at the breakdown:

Veles: 4 total, 3 passed

Neri: 10 total, 8 passed

Naron: 6 total, 5 passed

Magor: 8 total, 7 passed

Kavian: 5 total, 2 passed

Eyeke: 5 total, 5 passed

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That’s all for this edition of the Syndicate Underground. Your destiny is calling! Pledge, lead and conquer a planet today! Visit the Syndicate page to start your journey.

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