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7 min readDec 23, 2022

We are proud to be back with issue #3 of The Syndicate Underground! This issue is packed with exciting information from around the six Syndicates, including several catchy proposals. Happy Holidays Explorers, please enjoy our final issue of 2022, we will be back in mid January with the next edition.

Kavian’s custodians have brought forth 10 total proposals. Seven proposals have been approved, three are pending and none have been canceled.

This week’s featured proposal is interesting because it provides a use case for Alien Worlds Weapons, outside of the Alien Worlds UI. Soon, Alien Worlds players will be able to use their Weapons in Zombie Outbreak Survival or ZOS. This is the first proposal that offers cross-game functionality of Alien Worlds NFTs. Users will be able to earn passive rewards by participating in ZOS supply runs. The proposal has been approved, so this functionality should be coming to ZOS in the near future.

Neri’s custodians have brought forth an impressive 41 proposals. Seven are pending, one has been canceled and 33 have been approved.

This week’s featured proposal is more of the same from Neri. The custodians weekly allowance proposals are pending with only 2 votes as of this publication. Players would like to know what the broader plans are for the planet of the apes. Hopefully, we see innovative ideas emerge in the near future.

Eyeke’s custodians have brought forth a total of 45 proposals. One has been canceled, 32 have been approved and twelve are pending.

Eyeke is charging full steam ahead with their Quests initiative, also known as AWQ.This week’s featured proposal would provide optional funding to the already approved Alien Worlds Quests proposal. This funding would be used to ensure that Quests have at least three months of funding. It’s also possible that remaining Trilium is used to purchase land from the market. This is the first mention of what amounts to a land trust from any of the six Syndicates.

Magor’s custodians have brought forth 42 total proposals. Five proposals have been canceled, six are pending and 31 have been approved.

This week’s featured proposal will provide funding for the first two sprints of Trilium Quest. This initiative has already passed and will bring quest’s to Alien Worlds players in the near future!

Naron’s custodians have brought forth a total of 18 proposals. Thirteen have been approved, two are pending and three have been canceled.

Naron is proving itself to be one of the most generous planets thus far. Players have noticed that the striped planet’s custodians are actively allocating their Trilium to the planet’s inhabitants. This week’s featured proposal is a plan to continue distributing the planet’s Trilium to players using NFT focused mining rigs.

Veles’ custodians have brought forth a total of 31 proposals. Ten are pending, eighteen have been approved and three have been canceled.

Veles is getting in on the AW quest love this week and is seeking essential funding for web designers and artwork to bring their vision to life. The Trilium will be used to pay contractors a fair payment, hosting and RAM costs.

Current Custodians

In the running: DanishCrypto aka the MotaWizard has been involved in the WAX space for over two years. Danish has helped with a few projects including He is campaigning on building a better future for everyone in the Blockchain space. We are receiving reports from players requesting more information about the details of your plan.

Current Custodians

In the running: Recourior (Ryan) is a familiar name to the majority of Alien Worlds players. Ryan is a partner in Metaforce Comics, one of the more popular and respected projects in this space. Ryan has also been a team member of the CryptomonKeys project and is champion for building decentralized communities. His campaign is based on empowering small communities to work and thrive together. For more information on Ryan’s campaign please visit

Current Custodians

In the running: Bikinibottom loves the creative energy that Eyeke puts off. This energy inspired Bikinibottom to create the Antelope Art Prize that celebrates creators in the WAX ecosystem. His campaign is based around creating an artistic vibe on the earth like planet.

Current Custodians

In the running: Nimyden is campaigning on positivity and vows to bring prosperity to Magor’s inhabitants. He says that a vote for him is a vote for the people and assures players that he will work for them. Excellent platform Nimyden, it would be nice to see a detailed plan in the future.

Current Custodians

In the running: DarkMatter has been playing Alien Worlds since launch and is all about helping players find joy in the metaverse. Sounds like fun on the surface, but more specifics would be nice.

Current Custodians

In the running: Nyo is an Alien Worlds OG and among the most respected members of the community. His campaign is based around creating exciting mining competitions for the residents of Veles, including the possibility of space olympic games in the future. Nyo is open to collaborating with other planets to bring his vision to life.

This week, several members of the community posed interesting questions about governance and who the custodians are actually looking out for. Let’s take a look at our featured submissions.

Mirko submitted the following:

I would mostly be interested in interviews with the council members. Getting to know what they are hoping to fund, what they think about the inactivity of some council members who are just blocking seats or their opinions on proposals.’

Thanks for the feedback Mirko, we will be sure to include interviews with the custodians in future issues. Our next submission was submitted by an anonymous user:

‘The current DAO system is fully centralized. We need a decentralized system. Why do custodians decide to approve and reject proposals, it is fully centralized. We need a more decentralized system, where people elect custodians and custodians only propose proposals. The citizens of each planet should vote on whether to reject or accept(approve). Power to citizens! It will be decentralized where the majority of citizens can decide what they want and what they don’t by voting on proposals.’

Thanks for the feedback anonymous user.

If you have information that you would like featured in future issues, please add your thoughts to our submission form.

That’s all for this holiday edition of the Syndicate Underground. Until next time Explorers, take care of yourself and each other.

Disclaimer: Alien Worlds does not endorse any information contained in this newsletter. The purpose is to highlight community Syndicate related activities.

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