The Metaversal Library of Lore

The Metaversal Library of Lore

Alien Worlds Treasure Hunt–Quest #11

Explorers! This is your ol’ buddy McCullum. You gotta help me! My Uncle Church 185 left me in charge of this booky place whilst the Library Elders are getting their toenails clipped. or somethin.

I was doing a pretty darn good job of guarding them book things — near on 10 minutes went by without a hitch. I was just enjoyin a nice cool glass of orange juice when I thought to myself ‘what exactly is a book?’ So I picked out this old Metaversal Encryptopedia, dusted it off and started lookin up ‘Book’.

Just as I got to the ‘B’s, Chairman Meow knocked over my orange juice! Well orange juice went all over the encrytopedia and now it’s ruined! Why I haven’t seen pages stuck together like that since…well never mind….
The point is I’m in one helluva pickle right now, Partners, and I need you to help me to literally re-write the Lore book before Uncle Church finds out and sends me back to boot camp.

I need you to send me definitions and back stories to as many things in the Alien Worlds Metaverse as your shiny lil brains can think up. I’ve already come up with a couple of examples to git yer grey-matter juices a-flowin. I may not be no Wilhelm Shakespleare but here goes:

Glavor Disk: Tool; Gla’-voorr disque;
The Creator of the Glavor disk was Professor Bini Glavordopolous who first harnessed the reactive pulses within Ultrunium. Amazingly he discovered the secret of Glavor waves on his very first experiment. Tragically the inventor wore only a lab coat as protection and so imploded as soon as he flicked the switch. His remains are on display under a microscope at the Museum of Metaversal Lore.

Not too shabby huh? Make em good like that and Uncle Churchy will be none the wiser. Hell they might even become Lore themselves! Here’s another porky to whet yer whistle:

The planet of Eyeke was so named by the first humans to explore it. The native Grey Monks they encountered were suspicious at first and refused to engage with the humans until the night they heard the earthlings dancing to the music of their home planet. When the DJ played ‘Yeke Yeke’ by Mory Kante, the monks became entranced by the Afro Beats. Losing all inhibitions, they threw off their robes and danced around the fire til dawn chanting “Eyeke Eyeke”.

And I’ll pay ya. Uncle Churchy also left me the keys to his NFT cabinet. I’m supposed to give some out to worthy causes or somethin but right now I’m thinkin the conservation of my derriere is the worthiest cause out there wouldn’t you agree?

So y’all help me and I’all help yous.
There’s a Nanominer, Barrel Diggers and more in it for the best ones.

Help me out here friends, I’m countin on ya!”.


Players have from 00:00 UTC Saturday until 23:59 UTC Sunday to submit their best lore entries.

The Top 15 entries (as voted on by the community) will be rewarded.

Voting will take place from 00:00 UTC Monday until 23:59 UTC Wednesday.

Please join our official Discord and post your best Alien Worlds lore in the contest submissions

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1. Nanominer

2. Barrel Digger

3. Basic Trilium Detector

4. Basic Trilium Detector

5. Basic Trilium Detector

6–15th. ExoGloves

The Metaversal Library of Lore

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