The Landowner Experience

The Landowner Experience

Alien Worlds
6 min readDec 22, 2022


This update focuses on adjusting the landowner experience in Alien Worlds to reward the most engaged Landowners, and to create more opportunities for engagement between Landowners and Explorers/Miners. It is a huge step towards further gamifying asset management within the Alien Worlds Metaverse. This release adds progressively priced Boost Slots as an additional layer to the land ownership experience which will allow Landowners and players alike to Boost their favorite lands and maintain or increase the lands rating.

Up until today, Alien Worlds Land NFTs possessed an added mechanism which deposits Trilium to owners. Daily Trilium Allocation will now be weighted toward Landowners who have maintained or increased their land rating, which will be determined by maintaining Slot Boosts. Now, Landowners will need to be mindful of their land rating in order to sustain or increase their share of the Daily Trilium Allocation to Landholders.

Let’s take a closer look at how to access and use this update.

Landowner’s Dashboard

Landowners are now able to access Land Rating actions directly in their inventory. When a Landowner hovers over a land they own, they will have the option to ‘Manage Land.’ Within the Manage Land screen (pictured above), the user will have the ability to unlock Boost Slots.

Boost Slots

Landowners will need to unlock Slots to begin the Boost process (which increases/maintains the land rating). When opening Slots, Landowners will pay in Trilium to unlock the Slot. Upon unlocking, it will add a mutable attribute to the Land NFT.

The First Slot will automatically be available to all Landowners. All other Slots (from numbers 2 to 15) will need to be unlocked.

Slots represent the maximum number of Boosts available per day for a land. Each Slot can be permanently unlocked for the amount of Trilium specified. For example, if a Landowner has 6 Slots open, then opening the 7th Slot will require 1,800 Trilium. You can not unlock a higher numbered Slot unless the Slot before it is already unlocked.

Slot Costs

Slot Costs

There are a total of 15 Slots that collectively Boost the rating every 25 hours (explained below).


Once a Slot is open, Landowners will be able to access the Boost menu (pictured above) and select 1 of the 5 Boosts per Slot, this will then Boost the land. For a user to access Boosts, they return to the Land dashboard, hover over any owned land, and select the Boost option. The following amounts of Trilium are required to acquire Boosts:


Once the user selects a Boost level, a confirmation screen will appear (pictured above). The user can then verify the amount of Trilium that will be deducted from their account to activate the Boost.

Boosts Added

When the user confirms the Boost, the Land Rating will update immediately, as it is written directly as a mutable attribute to the NFT and the Slot attribute.

Every 25 hours, all Boosts expire, and open Slots are available for Boosting again.

How the Payout for Daily Trilium Allocation for Landowners (DTAL) is calculated



  • Land rating = LR
  • Total Sum of Land Ratings = TSLR
  • Total in Landowners Fund = TLF

Where each land will receive this amount of TLM for each claim → (LR/TSLR) * TLF

Multiple Available Slots

Landowners and Explorers will only be able to Boost the next available Slot in order. For example, if a Landowner has Slots 1 & 2 already occupied by Boosts, then only the 3rd Slot can be Boosted; Slots 4 and above will be disabled until Slot 3 is Boosted.

Explorer Participation

Explorers can Boost any land in addition to that land’s Landowner. In order to give Landowners control over public Boosting, they will be able to set the minimum level of Boost an Explorer can add.

Explorers will be able to engage and participate with their communities and Landowners alike, courtesy of this new mechanic. This option will be directly accessible on all lands in the “Land Selection” screen (pictured above) when mining. A new ‘Boost Land’ button appears.

When an Explorer uses the Boost Land feature (pictured above), a drawer menu (similar to the Landowner’s) will appear with additional options:

  • Land Details
  • Current Land Rating
  • Available Slots to Boost
  • Locked Slots (Red): Slots that are available because they have been opened by the Landowner, but have already been Boosted in the current 25-hour cycle
  • Open Slots (Green): Slots that are open and can be Boosted
  • Open but Unavailable Slots: (Transparent Green): Slots that cannot be Boosted until the previous Slot is Boosted.
  • Unavailable Slots (Gray): Slots that have not been opened by the Landowner

Boosting an Available Slot

Similar to the Landowner’s screens, Explorers will be able to choose which level of Boost to apply to the selected Slot. Because Landowners choose what the public minimum Boost is, Boosts that do not reach that minimum are unavailable (grayed out).

Once an Explorer chooses to Boost, they will also be prompted to pay the required amount of Trilium for the selected Boost.

By default, when Landowners access these features, the public minimum is set to “Small Boost.”

Land Rarity Boost

The land rarity of a Land NFT will be an additional factor of the Boosts a Landowner gets:

Land Rarity Boost

DTAL Decay

Without Boosts, the daily Trilium allocation to each land will decay over time.

These mechanics will add a new layer of depth and further gamify the Metaverse by incentivizing Explorers and Landowners to collectively Boost their favorite Land plots.

We are continuing to work on new features and improvements. Stay tuned for future product release updates.

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