The First Alien Worlds Launch Pack Sale: Date and Price Points

Further to our post detailing how the Alien Worlds Launch Pack Sales will work, we are excited to announce a date for the first sale.

The Standard Launch Pack sale will take place on Friday 9th October 2020 beginning at 15:00 UTC. There will be 3000 Standard Packs on sale for explorers buying with Ether and 3000 Standard Packs available for explorers buying with WAXP.

For the first 2 hours, the price will be set at a level to give collectors an opportunity to get hold of extremely low mints.

The price for the first 2 hours will be 1600 WAXP* and the equivalent ETH amount determined by the Federation on the date of the sale.

On the next step beginning on the same day at 17:00 UTC , the prices will be reduced to 500 WAXP* and the equivalent ETH amount.

Following this, the prices will descend as follows, until all packs are sold out or the minimum price point is reached or: -

  • 19:00 UTC : 460 WAXP* & Equivalent ETH

We trust you will join us and start your collection of Alien Worlds NFTsyour way to start exploring, earning, staking and battling on Alien Worlds.

Details of the subsequent sales will be disseminated at a later date.

Lot’s more news, details and promotions coming soon … Make sure to follow Alien Worlds and join our channels.





*The Federation reserves the right to change the pricing structure if the price of WAXP changes significant compared to other currencies.



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