The eosDAC Exclusive Launch Pack Sale

What is the eosDAC Exclusive Launch Pack sale?

It’s an Alien Worlds NFT pack sale that you can only purchase using EOSDAC (tokens). You’ll receive a 4-card pack which might include a Dacalizer card. This pack also has double the chance of receiving legendarwax.y and mythical cards versus our last sale.

Pre-order now, live auction starts 20 November

1000 Alien Worlds eosDAC packs are for sale; our sales follow a Dutch auction format where prices go down over the auction. You can pre-order your packs now at your specified price point — but if we sell out above your specified price point, you’ll miss out (and be refunded).

What is contained in the pack?

There are 4 cards drawn into the eosDAC pack. Each card has the following probabilities of being of the rarity below:

DAC Special Item is the Dacalizer

Are there first mints in the eosDAC pack?

Yes, if you’re the first to receive and unbox a Dacalizer you can get the first mint Dacalizer.

What is the Dacalizer?

Airdrop of promo packs onto EOSDAC tokenholders

The Federation of Alien Worlds is dropping a promo pack to over 600 EOSDAC holders. The promo pack contains 1 card (probability of rarity: same as listed above) and up to 2000 Trilium. The snapshot was taken at eos block 152,295,000 — (13th Nov 2020 — 19:00:23 UTC).

Where can I buy EOSDAC?

Exchanges with active EOSDAC markets that are active include:

I’m new and I don’t have an EOS account

If you buy EOSDAC on you don’t need an EOS account, you can hold your EOSDAC on the exchange and buy your eosDAC exclusive pack directly from that account.

What is eosDAC?



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