The Alien Worlds Launch Sales — Initial Information

The forthcoming launch sales will set the foundation for the Alien Worlds Metaverse. The Federation wants to ensure that all people who are interested in NFTs are given the chance to participate, and that the people who want the prime assets are able to get hold of them.

Following discussions with the Sentient Alien AI, the Federation has finalised the launch NFT distribution strategy.

Five Distinct Sales

There will be 5 sales which will run at different times and each will be for a particular Pack type. These will be (in order): -

  • The Standard (Base) Pack Sale — where 6,000 packs of 4 NFTs will be sold.
  • The eosDAC Exclusive Pack Sale — where 1,000 packs of 4 NFTs will be sold.
  • The Rare Pack Sale — where 4,000 packs of 8 NFTs will be sold.
  • The Legendary Pack Sale — where 3,000 packs of 8 NFTs will be sold.
  • The Special Land Pack Sale — where 3,000 packs of 8 NFTs will be sold, with each pack containing random land on one of the 6 planets.

Payment Options

Except for the eosDAC exclusive pack sale (which can only be bought with EOSDAC tokens) half the packs will be made available for payment in WAX and half will be made available for payment in Ether.

This will allow the two largest NFT communities to participate with their native token.

Sale Structure: Dutch Auction

Each sale will be run as a dutch auction and will begin at a price level which will be announced prior to the sale.

Every 2 hours the price will reduce by a published amount until : -

a) all packs are sold or,

b) the minimum price level is reached.


To be announced

Drop Rates

All NFTs obtained in Alien Worlds sales will be of at least Common rarity. That is, there will be no Abundant NFT in the packs. Note that even common NFTs are rare in Alien Worlds.

The rarity level of each item is determined randomly, using the WAX random number generator contract, and based on a predefined percentage chance.

The standard drop rates per item are as given below: -

The eosDAC Exclusive and Promo packs will have slightly modified drop rate:-

Special Notes

  • In Rare Packs, two of the items are guaranteed to be of Rare rarity.
  • In Legendary Packs, Specific levels of rarity were detailed — these are now subject to change and the correct information will be linked when the Legendary Pack Sale is scheduled.
  • Special Land Packs will contain a randomly allocated pre-minted Land NFT. In addition, specific levels of rarity were detailed — this will now be detailed in a post closer to the time of the sale.
  • When opened, Special Land Packs will give the opener additional Trilium based upon the amount of Trilium held in the unowned land mining pool. However, this will initially be set to zero and will only accumulate when mining begins.

Further Details

Specific details pertaining to the date, and time, of the sales, as well as the price points will be announced via Telegram and Twitter and published on a separate Medium post. Please ensure you follow Alien Worlds and join the relevant channels.





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