The 5 Curses of Pentarquin!

Treasure Hunt Series — Quest #7

Five Greetings to you Explorers. I am La-Ima, Priestess of the Lah’Eem-UR-ique tribe — worshippers of the sacred number 5, (blessed be the digit). I bring urgent news of one of your humans. Your fellow explorer, Church 75, has foolishly strayed past the volcanic craters and into the sacred burial grounds of our people. We are a kind and peaceful tribe but he has angered our 5 headed God, Pentarquin, who has imprisoned him in a pentangle holo-cell.

I’m afraid there is nothing we can do. Until the god is appeased, all CO2 suction activities on our lands have been suspended. There is only one way to placate this furious deity: honour her with gifts of verse in our ancient and noble tradition: the Lah’Eem-UR-ique. You must follow the rule of 5 (the most beautiful number in the metaverse, blessed be the digit) and compose poems no longer than 5 lines. Here is an example:

Church 75 committed a crime,

And now he’s in need of your rhymes,

Please end his suffering

With your holy offerings

Of poems with only 5 lines.

The god is especially pleased if you can make the 1st 2nd and 5th lines rhyme with each other, and the 3rd and fourth lines rhyme with each other. But all efforts will help to save your friend. Share your poetry on your digital platforms and save a life. All courageous poets will be rewarded with precious NFTs.

How to participate

Submit your best Alien Worlds related Limerick (5 lined poem) on Alien Worlds official Discord and Telegram Channel. The contest begins Saturday 00:00 UTC and ends Sunday 23:59 UTC. Don’t forget to include your WAM.

*One reward per player.


1st– Alien Worlds Promo Pack

2nd– Advanced TD

3rd– Barrell Digger

4th– 3 ExoGloves

5th– 3 ExoGloves

6th– Standard Drill

– Up to 200 additional addresses will be awarded a common Alien Worlds NFT! *Limit 1 per person.

Portal to Alien Worlds Mining

Using your WAX Cloud Wallet, login at

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