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What a couple of weeks it’s been for the Syndicates. Billboards, conferences, events and one planet’s available treasury has been transferred in its entirety under controversial circumstances since the last issue. In this edition we will take a closer look at recent activity, highlight upcoming initiatives and dive into what’s happening on Kavian. Before we do please remember that the Syndicates are independently operated by awesome people like you! Swap your tokens and get involved today! Alien Worlds

February 12, 2023 is the day Syndicate safety came to the fore across dozens of Alien Worlds communities. Kavian custodians Biff, Jose and Afhe transferred all available tokens out of the treasury account without much context. There are several theories floating around as to why the planet’s custodians would do this. Are the custodians moving the tokens for safe keeping? Are the custodians draining the treasury for personal gain? As of the writing of this publication the three custodians in question have yet to speak up for their actions or reveal themselves publicly.

The two above proposals have raised serious concerns among Explorers. Who is responsible for the security of the Syndicates? The planets are decentralized autonomous organizations and the Federation has limited power to intervene in Syndicate activities. The Federation wants to encourage Custodians to protect their treasuries by allocating their available tokens to proposals that enhance the experience of all Explorers. Ultimately the health of the Syndicates are in the hands of amazing people like you! Get involved, vote and take ownership of your favorite Syndicate!

Join our Discord and share your thoughts and ideas:

Neri is adding an artistic touch to their Syndicates initiatives with a freshly approved Syndicate artist program. This pilot program will sponsor five artists from California. These five artists are skilled but have not ventured into the NFT space yet. This awareness and onboarding campaign could produce a total of 250 high quality NFTs into a new, whitelisted collection on Atomic Hub.

Neri also just finished their hugely popular Las Vegas Billboard campaign!

Eyeke has the hard working everyday miner in mind with their latest Miners Union proposal. This proposal will allow Explorers to vote with NFT points and is slated to start this month! For more information please visit:

Who runs bartertown? Evidently Magor does with their freshly approved proposal to fund not one but two seasons of the community created Battledome fighting game! This proposal sets aside 42,000 Trilium tokens to be awarded as Battledome prizes from February 15th-28th and 8,000 Trilim tokens to be awarded from March 16th-31st. Place your best Minions and Weapons into Battle and earn your share of the rewards! To join the action visit: Battledome Game

If you have an idea for a game or initiative that will add value to the Alien Worlds metaverse you can apply for funding through the Galactic Hubs grants program. For more information please visit: Galactic Hubs (

Naron has begun allocating several weeks' worth of resources at one time to the planet’s NFT miners. This proposal has been ratified and it secures spnsorship from February 8th — March 21st for the weekly rewards program. The community loves that Naron is offering an immediate injection of resources to the planet’s honest miners. This allows other planets to work on longer term projects such as actual 3d game integration. To participate, simply mine on any land on Naron and accumulate as many NFT points as possible. At the end of each period the weekly pool of rewards will be split among the planet’s honest NFT miners.

The most recent proposal on Veles awards a weekly allowance to the planet’s Custodians. These tokens are awarded for the work the Custodians put in. This includes, but is not limited to day to day operations of the planet, reviewing proposals and ensuring that their constituents are happy.

In addition to this weekly allowance the Custodians have also been busy looking out for the planet’s miners with their CPU for Miners and Miners Union proposals.

This edition’s featured candidate is JungleTrekker who hopes to bring his long list of talents to the planet Veles’ council. JungleTrekker is a new resident of Veles but he hopes to bring electronic music to the planet’s inhabitants. JungleTrekker’s background includes music composition, sound design skills and unique Web3 system design skills. He brings a wealth of knowledge including involvement with EOSIO tech and blockchain governance since 2018. A vote for JungleTrekker is a vote for a person that will tirelessly work for the planet’s inhabitants. Check out JungleTrekker’s full bio and get involved in the Syndicates today! Alien Worlds

The Battledome team is back with a brand new set of competitions! Ready your best Minions and Weapons and join the battle today! For more information please join their discord:

ZOS is teaming up with the Alien Worlds Syndicates to put on an awesome competition for Alien Worlds players! Who better to explain this than the ZOS team.

“We are extremely excited to finally share with you the ZOS x Alien Worlds special event that we have been working on for the last couple of months!

This event is the first in what we anticipate as a series of special events that rewards the players from multiple communities!

There are many rewards to be achieved in this event, starting with the headline reward of 250,000 TLM! Not to mention the brand new ZOS Weapons & Shields loot to be found to enhance your loadouts!

If you’re a team player and send your Survivors on Team Supply Runs you will earn enhanced ZILVER rewards (Our in game currency that is pretty damn scarce!)”
For more information please check out the Zombie Outbreak Survival Medium article.

If you have information that you would like included in future issues, please add your content to our form for possible inclusion in future editions:

Don’t forget Explorers, you can always stay up to date with the latest Syndicate related happenings in the user interface. Follow the link to get involved and track current custodians, candidates, proposals, Syndicate budgets and more!

In addition you can also track activity across the six Syndicates by visiting

Each Syndicate also has a dedicated channel within our Discord:

That’s all for this edition of the Syndicate Underground. Until next time Explorer’s take care of yourself and each other.

Disclaimer: Alien Worlds does not endorse any information contained in this newsletter. The purpose is to highlight community Syndicate related activities.

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