Alien Worlds
Mar 11, 2024

Welcome to the 15th edition of Syndicate Underground, where we examine the latest developments from across the six Planetary Syndicates. Highlights include Magor’s support for the Starblind comic and Veles’s Bluepaper contest, alongside initiatives in Kavian, Eyeke, Naron, and Neri to enhance community engagement and utility of Alien Worlds NFTs. Join us as we explore the efforts that continue to shape the Alien Worlds metaverse, making it the place to be for fun, gaming, developmental activity and innovation. Before we do remember that the Planetary Syndicates are independently operated by people just like you! Get involved today at


  1. Veles News
  2. Kavian News
  3. Naron News
  4. Eyeke News
  5. Neri News
  6. Magor News
  7. Around the Metaverse
  8. Closing Thoughts

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