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Table of Contents

  1. Eyeke news
  2. Kavian news
  3. Magor news
  4. Neri news
  5. Veles news
  6. Naron news
  7. Community spotlight
  8. Community feedback
  9. Final thoughts

The Syndicate Underground is back and this issue is packed with the most information to date. Syndicate defense, a new 2D game, Zombie Outbreak Survival news and more are featured in this edition. Before we dive into the content, please remember that the Syndicates are independently operated by innovative people like you! Get involved with your favorite planet today!


Eyeke’s custodians have really embraced the everyday hardworking Explorer. The Miner’s Union is the name of the initiative that was officially launched on March 1st and this platform provides an opportunity for Explorers to band together and vote as a bloc.

The Miner’s Union allows Explorers to use their accumulated NFT points after joining as proxy votes for candidates. Using your NFT points as votes does not remove the NFT points from your account. The funding from several of the proposals is used as vote power and applied in accordance with each member’s wishes.

It is worth noting that a total of three Syndicates are participating in this endeavor. The TLM contributions are listed in the table below.

To get involved visit the Miners Union site or join the Telegram Group.

Eyeke’s Current Custodians


Kavian recently approved an additional 180,000 Trilium towards their Zombie Outbreak Survival collaboration. This exciting Syndicate Sponsored event gives Alien Worlds Explorers an opportunity to put their Weapon NFTs to use in the Search for the Monolith campaign! Explorers in the ZOS Discord voted to continue their journey as opposed to going back to camp and resupplying and now phase two of the mission has commenced. Venture Further into the Forest is the name of the second leg of this campaign that has a huge pool of prizes for participants. To learn more about this Syndicate event please join the ZOS Discord.

Track your progress on the leaderboard:

Kavian’s Current Custodians


On the 13th of February Magor’s custodians further supported the development of an old school RPG style game titled Trilium Quest. This 2D top down dungeon style crawler marks a historic milestone as it is the first game with character movement to be developed in the Alien Worlds metaverse. Ash, the developer of the game recently shared a progress update and a gameplay teaser. If you are a fan of old school rpg games you will love the teaser. Check out the screenshots below.

Magor’s Current Custodians


On the 19th of February, Neri’s current custodians retained their positions after the same actors that recently became custodians of Kavian attempted to replace them. The Kavian takeover has been called a whitehat effort, but Neri’s inhabitants ultimately preferred that their Syndicate remains ruled by familiar faces. The majority of this effort took place in the Interplanetary Council chat on Telegram and this display of comradery was an excellent step forward for the community controlled DAOs. Check out the screenshots below for a recap of the community’s efforts.

This effort also spawned a new proposal which is featured above. The effort is entitled Fund the Organization for the Protection and Preservation of Neri (OPPN) and sets aside over three million Trilium tokens. These tokens are being earmarked to promote transparent, community driven decision making, promote accountability in past proposals, increase the efficiency of proposals by minimizing managerial overhead and kickbacks, and protect the planet from malicious actors.

Neri’s Current Custodians


The Miners Union is taking the Syndicates by storm and Veles recently passed a pair of proposals to assist with this cross-Syndicate campaign. This campaign represents the first efforts to give a voice and influence to all Alien Worlds players. The two proposals allocated a total of 145,000 Trilium to be used as vote power and expand the program to other planets.

Veles’ Current Custodians


It’s more of the same from Naron’s custodians, supporting Explorers, assisting with Turkey earthquake relief efforts and supporting the newly formed Miners Union. Naron is proving to be a planet for the people! One of the recent proposals provides another two weeks of NFT mining rewards for honest players. This initiative is the longest concurrent running Syndicate program, sitting at 26 consecutive weeks now.

Naron’s Current Custodians

Pestilentia is a long time member of Naron’s council. He has sponsored numerous activities, including spearheading the NFT mining points rewards campaign. We recently sat down with him for an exclusive interview.

Pestilentia, it’s great to catch up with you and we are excited to share your ideas and the thought process behind them with the community. Can you talk a little bit about how you discovered Alien Worlds?

That’s an easy story for my part: I was active on Binance when Alien Worlds appeared as one of their Launchpools. It said “game” in the description, and I tried it. Thus I came around right as a part of the binance hype!”

What enticed you to get involved in governance?

There wasn’t an exact moment where I said I want to govern a DAO or similar. There was a call for volunteers to test the UI and other stuff, where I responded. Also I had an idea on what to do as custodian. As we now know, it all worked out. But there never was a plan or clear-cut decision that led me here. I more or less grew into it.”

Can you talk a little about the initiatives that you have passed on Naron and the thought process behind them?

As mentioned before, being an NFT miner myself, I had the one idea on how to give Naron a niche among the planets where it could shine. The idea for a reward for mining NFT points was well received wherever I came. So it all came true!”

“But just as I grew into the role of a custodian, it also became more and more evident that the DAOs are still only at the beginning of their journeys. We all get better and more experienced over time about what we are doing and this is what is still needed. So my future initiatives will focus more on creating something with a long-term benefit for the whole AW ecosystem, but I am still looking for a perfect match on where to engage.”

If Explorers have questions for you, where is the best place to reach you?

The #Naron channel on the official Alien Worlds Discord usually is the best place to discuss new ideas with me!”

Do you have anything that you would like to relay to Explorers?

“Besides the obviously great Naron NFT point reward program, also the has opened its gates to Explorers, giving double use to your hard mined NFT points. Other projects in development, like or look very promising, too!”

Thanks again to Pestilentia for his time.

Kavian’s Story Continues

Kavian’s saga continues as the Interplanetary Federation has posted a rebuttal to Vyryn’s article. Click here to check out the article to hear a different take on the recent events.

Today’s community feedback comes from the cryptomonKeys, who would like to remind Explorers that the cryptomonKeys continues the largest and longest-running NFT distribution through Alien Worlds. Participate by mining on select lands. Visit for more details.

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That’s all for this edition of the Syndicate Underground. Until next time Explorers, take care of yourself and each other.

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