Player Experience Improvements: Update 2.1.0

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4 min readMay 3, 2023

Alien Worlds release 2.1.0 includes player experience improvements and bug fixes across Syndicates, Missions, Mining, Teleport and Landowner’s Allocation.

Feature updates include:

  • A claim button for landowners to use to collect their accrued DTAL, which appropriately creates a smart contract action, and which enforces the value of land ownership to the player.
  • A history of votes for a candidate on the candidate's page.
  • Updated planetary backgrounds.
  • UX improvements.
  • Bug Fixes.

Feature Improvements

Updated animation for Planet Selection in Syndicates — The Planet Selection carousel has been updated to give players a more visually appealing experience.

Display Rarity Pools in Switch Land page — This allows players to get a better understanding of the current pool on each planet, before switching mining location or tools.

Added ability to Register and Withdraw Candidacy — These features have been buggy for sometime and this update adds new buttons that seamlessly allow players to register and withdraw candidacy.

Removed Inner Scroll Bar in view candidate page — This scrollbar is not needed and made navigation confusing for players.

Removed redundant check marks in profile — The additional checkmarks that showed when allocating votes were removed. Now it should be easier for players to understand who they are voting for.

Updated the Planet backgrounds on all Syndicate pages — We added fresh images to the backgrounds of the six Syndicate pages.

Display voter history in Manage Candidacy page — Now Custodians can easily view their voting history.

Added back-navigation button to Land Management page — Now players can easily return to the previous page from within the Land Management screen.

Display player avatar when candidacy image is invalid — When Custodian candidates upload an invalid image their current Avatar will be used instead.

Refresh balances after claiming unstaked planetary tokens — Now when players claim tokens that have come out of the unstaking phase the UI will refresh instantly and show the newly available tokens in the player’s balance. The claim button will also disappear until other tokens are available for unstaking.

Added column ‘Id’ to Custodian Proposals table — Now each proposal has an ‘id’ number so that players can easily search and find past proposals.

Display message in Shining page if insufficient assets are owned — Now when players attempt to shine NFTs a message will display if the player doesn’t own the correct amount of the needed NFTs.

NFTs available in the outpost refreshes quicker — The number of available offers for each NFT now refreshes more frequently in the UI.

Added a public app version number to Teleport UI — The current build version is now displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the Teleport UI.

Updated the “To” field for proposals to allow 1-character names — Now Custodians can easily send tokens to wallet addresses that are less than three characters.

Display on-chain ‘Rank’ value when hovering over Syndicates Candidates — When hovering over Candidates name their rank is now accurately displayed.

Updated NFT Rank Sliders — This slider has been updated with a rank progress bar.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Rarity Pools hover animation while updating data.
  • Fixed data not refreshing in Inventory page after Land boosting.
  • Fixed font size on the leased crafts counter to properly display allocated crafts to joined missions.
  • Updated styles for Outpost NFTs countdown label. The time remaining for each offer should now be easier to see.
  • Fixed the Switch Tools page, which occasionally would not load.
  • Users should no longer see the “unsigned wrap” error when mining.
  • Updated the outdated planet images in main sidebar
  • Updated ‘BSC’ to ‘BNB’ labels in Teleport page
  • Fixed the Change ‘Mine Land’ and ‘Set Land’ overlay in the Land NFTs hover overlay.
  • Fix Custodian Proposals — Faulty data was breaking Proposals table.
  • Fixed the pending status for Custodian Proposals that are already approved.
  • Removed unnecessary decimal digits in the Become a Candidate overlay.
  • Switch Land page now shows one scrollbar.
  • Fixed the bug that caused Custodian icons not to display properly.

We are continuing to work on new features and improvements. Please stay tuned for future product release updates.

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