Player Experience Improvements: Release 2.3

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4 min readJun 6, 2023


Release 2.3 is dedicated to making your user experience even better. The purpose of this update is to repair new bugs that arose after the 2.2 navigation update, preexisting bug fixes and new enhancements.

Feature Improvements

Added Yeomen Grafana-based pool metrics to Pool details — Mining pool metrics are now more dynamic.

Improved mobile responsiveness for Top Bar Component — We adjusted the breakpoints in the top bar so that all information is displayed as it should be.


Implemented batching for Binance Mission NFTS — You should now be able to view Mission NFTs in your Metamask wallet.


Updated ‘BSC’ labels to ‘BNB’ in Teleport main page — The text now has the correct name for the rebranded BNB chain.

Added a Public App Version Number to Teleport UI — We added a version number to the bottom of the Teleport page.


Updated the header text description in the Mining page — This text now accurately reflects the new system for NFTs.

Updated the main header text in the Switch Tools page — This text now accurately reflects the new system for NFTs.

Land Management

Updated select Land description text — This text now accurately conveys how mining on a particular land parcel works.

Added the Land Management page back button — A new back arrow makes navigation back to the land tab in the inventory page possible.


Removed cards padding in the Candidates page — For a better user experience we removed padding from the cards in the Candidates page.

View Candidate — A new voting menu on desktop adds a sticky menu for voting actions to the top of the page.


Updated the read more hyperLink in the Shining Page — This link now takes you to an article that better explains Shining.

Bug Fixes


Fixed the ‘Connect Wallet’ modal displayed under the top drawer — The connect wallet button should now properly display at the top of the page within the Teleport UI.


Canceled Teleport transactions should now display as canceled and no longer offer the claim option. In addition, transactions that were canceled should no longer display as pending.

Fixed the bug that caused the incorrect teleport date to display right after a transaction is executed.


Fixed the bug that caused the Inventory page to not sorting NFTs correctly

Rounded the charge time to an integer in the switch tools page — The Tool and land stats at the bottom of this page now reflects the correct charge time for your current Tool build.

Fixed the bug that caused the UI to display the incorrect ‘Mining Power’ value in the Switch Tools page.

Fixed the bug that caused a Land loading error in Switch Land page — You should now be able to easily filter lands by type and commission when looking for a place to mine. In addition, a popup that allows you to switch to your desired mining location will now display.

Land Management

Change ‘mine land’ to ‘set land’ in the Land management page — The text on this button now accurately reflects the in-game action.

Fixed responsiveness on the Land management page — Content wrapping and breaking should now work for all resolutions.

Fixed the land boosts table responsiveness on the Land management page — The boost page and add boost feature now responds as expected.


Fixed the bug that caused NFT Points to overlap in the profile page on mobile.

Fixed a bug that caused incorrect values to display for NFT Points progress bar in profile page.


All candidate information should now display within the page on mobile.

Fixed a bug that interfered with the Syndicate sidebar styles when a new planet is selected.

Token balances should automatically update now when you unstake tokens.

Fixed the bug that caused the ‘Update Profile’ action in the manage candidacy page not to work properly.

Accessibility issue for Submit proposal button on custodian center page — The left sidebar should no longer block the submit proposal button within the UI.


Fixed the bug that caused the background page scrollbar for Glossary to go missing.

We are continuing to work on new features and improvements. Please stay tuned for future product release updates.

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