Player Experience Improvements: Release 1.3.0

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6 min readMar 1, 2023


Alien Worlds release 1.3.0 includes player experience improvements and bug fixes across Syndicates, Missions, Mining, Teleport and Landowner’s Allocation.

Feature Improvements


Removed Planetary Token balance from Become Candidate page: To reduce potential confusion, we removed the player’s planetary token balance from the Become Candidate page.

Add Member Terms Checkmark to Candidates/Custodian members: This new box will indicate whether the user has signed the member terms.

Updated Planet Selector button in Syndicates sidebar: To make changing planets within the Syndicate dashboard easier, we added clickable images of each planet to the sidebar within the Syndicate dashboard.

Display the status of Custodian Proposals in the Candidate Profile page: To make Syndicate activity easier to understand for Custodians, we added a status column to each proposal. (See image below)

Updated Claim Token Button to only show when the user has met their release time: The button to claim staked planetary tokens will only appear if the staking time has passed and the tokens are claimable.


Supported Browsers will not show login UI message: We removed the warning message that users used to see when logging in from supported browsers.


Removed all hash marks in background images: These gray diagonal lines were removed to improve overall aesthetics.

Bug Fixes


Fixed Manage Candidacy for Custodians: We made this page easier to access for Custodians

Vote unstake delay is not differentiated in the UI and on chain: When adding additional vote power to an existing planetary stake, the time selector is shown but is not written to chain and used afterwards. Multiple unstake periods are now reflected in the UI.

Update Custodian Proposals table in Planet Details page: There were a couple of areas where it looked like Custodians could approve or further examine proposals. These non-clickable buttons have been removed to reduce confusion.

Fixed slider behavior in Add Vote Power overlay: This slider did not properly reflect the 0 tokens staked status. Now this slider will be grayed out until a player adds vote power. (See image below)

Fixed the ‘Vote Power’ decimal point in the Syndicates sidebar: We correctly added the decimal to everyone’s Vote Power in every place that Vote Power is visible within the UI.

Fixed swapped Vote Power overlays when staking tokens: When players adjust the slider for release time and bonus within the Stake Vote power tab, the UI will now properly reflect the time staked. In addition players will not be able to adjust the ‘time and bonus’ slider unless they have set the amount of tokens they wish to stake first.

Fixed incorrect values for ‘Staked Wax Trilium’ in the main Sidebar: Staked tokens will now appear for all players within the main sidebar in the UI.

Fixed missing Explorer Avatar when invalid candidacy image is provided: Now if a user registers as a candidate and uploads an invalid image, their current Avatar will display as their candidate image. Current Avatar will also display if a candidate leaves the image URL field empty.

Fixed Custodians Proposals table occasionally missing filter by DAC: We repaired a bug that sometimes caused the UI to display proposals from all Syndicates, instead of proposals from the currently selected planet.

Fixed Convert Planetary Token overlay when user has no tokens: Within the token convert page, we fixed a visual bug that caused a test planet overlay to appear instead of the correct planet.

Display Proposals titles in all Custodian Proposals tables: This fix allows players to see proposal titles in the proposal display area as well as the sidebar.

Mining Game

Fixed sorting assets by Charge in ‘Sort By’ component: We repaired the sort by charge time feature so that players tools will now be accurately sorted by charge time when this option is selected.

Fixed ‘Sort By’ component in SwitchTools page: We fixed the bug that caused Tools to automatically sort by shine. Now Tools will sort by the selected option within the UI.

Landowner Update

Fixed ‘Land Rating’ decimal point in the Manage Land page: The decimal within the ‘Land Rating’ section of the Manage Land page is now in the appropriate location.


Implemented a caching mechanism for Missions NFTs: We repaired a bug that caused our UI to pull all mission NFTs instead of caching and reusing images for duplicate NFTs. Players should now be able to easily view Mission NFT inventory.

Endless spinner when the Missions wallet is not connected: We fixed the bug that caused the Missions wallet connection to endlessly spin when the players wallet is already connected.

Fixed the missing page background for Scouting Missions ‘The Negotiator’: We repaired the bug that caused the background to show incorrectly for this specific Mission.

Fixed the Missions Inventory page that caused missing data on browser refresh: We repaired the bug that caused Mission NFTs not to appear when refreshing the page.

The field for ‘crafts you are sending’ on Missions shows always as zero: We repaired a bug that caused sent ships within Mission to always display as zero. Now the overlay will accurately reflect the number of ships that each player leases.


Allow only alphanumeric characters for username registration: We updated the UI to accurately reflect the characters that are allowed within usernames at the account creation stage.

Fixed the description typo for Female Human Avatar in the Onboarding page: We fixed the typo in the description of the Female Human character.

Updated new NFTs attributes from the Syndicate stake race campaign: We updated the attributes for the new NFTs that were awarded to Stake Race winners. We also added a new tab to the inventory page to display NFTs from the new ‘Items’ schema.

We are continuing to work on new features and improvements. Please stay tuned for future product release updates.

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