Player Experience Improvements: Release 1.1.0 & 1.2.0

Player Experience Improvements: Release 1.1.0 & 1.2.0

The primary objective of release 1.1.0 and 1.2.0 is to enhance user experience and repair several known bugs. We will continue to update the user interface and repair known issues in hopes of providing Explorers with an enjoyable and reliable product.

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7 min readJan 24, 2023


Release 1.1.0 Feature Enhancements

Added a loading state for the voting process: When Explorers vote for custodians it takes a few moments for the Blockchain to reflect the changes. Now voters will notice that a loading icon will appear for a few moments after voting to allow the Blockchain/UI time to process the information and accurately reflect voting data.

Added a warning that informs Explorers that data submitted to the blockchain will be publicly visible in perpetuity: The below warning will appear when Explorers become a candidate, manage candidacy and in the custodian center.

Added direct navigation to Candidate Profile view: Explorers can now navigate directly to Candidates profiles from the Planetary Governance Center.

Added Planetary Badges to the Planet Select page: Each planet now has a badge that displays in the corner of the planet select page within the Governance center.

Custodian Proposals Cleanup: To reduce clutter, Custodians can now clear expired and executed proposals within the UI.

Planet Details with Proposal List, Score, Placement: We added a list of current proposals and their status to the Planet Details page within the UI.

Rank on Candidate View List: We added a column that numerically ranks candidates in accordance with overall vote power received.

Updated Planet Treasury label within the Planet Select page: ‘Current Planetary Treasury’ was changed to ‘This Week’s Claimable Spendings’ to more accurately convey the amount of Trilium that is currently claimable by each planet’s Custodians.

Added Score to the Candidate Profile: Explorers can now see the overall score of every Syndicate candidate within the view candidates tab.

Release 1.1.0 Bug Fixes

Fixed hover for Syndicates Sidebar items: Tabs within the Governance interface now highlight when hovered over.

Fixed the layout of the Custodian Center page: We changed layout and scale of the items in the Custodian center to a more appropriate ratio to improve user experience.

Fixed the layout of Candidate Profile view: We updated the candidate page so that vote power now fits within the designated area.

Fix ‘Unstake Vote Power’ button styles: We updated the unstake vote power button to increase visibility and improve user experience.

Release 1.2.0 Feature Enhancements

Release 1.2.0 enhances several features and repairs a variety of bugs.

Feature Enhancements

DAO Constitution Member Overlay: Explorers can now agree to member terms from the create candidacy, vote for candidate and remove votes for candidate pages, without leaving the page you are currently on.

Warning message added under “Login to main UI” for Missions: We added a warning that will popup explaining which browsers support WAX Wallet login directly from the Alien Worlds UI, for new and existing Explorers. (see image below)

Custodian List Reconfigured for Mobile UI: To improve user experience, we scaled the current Custodians page on mobile so that Explorers can view more than two at once.

Planet Details Page — add ‘Last Election Snapshot’ to Custodians section: We added text to the Custodian page to reflect the time of the previous election snapshot. (See image below)

Added build version to the main sidebar: Explorers can now view the current build version from the main sidebar.

Added a syndicate stats button below each planet in the selection screen: Explorers can now easily view syndicate stats from the planet selector carousel.

Removed “received vote power” and “total votes” from the Planet Details page: We removed “received vote power” and “total votes” that were listed under the custodians name. Now, Explorers will only see the image, account name, custodian name and elected rank. (See image below)

Default Planet selected in Syndicates menu: To improve user experience, we added a uniform method for displaying planets within the planet selection carousel.

Removed “Candidates” Section From The Planet Details Page: As of release 1.2.0 Explorers can still view current custodians in the planet details page. Current candidates are still viewable in the ‘view candidates’ tab. (See image below)

Updated Planet Images: Low resolution planet images have been replaced with high definition images.

Zendesk “Support Widget” added to all UI pages: A yellow ‘Support’ button has been added to all pages of the UI. This addition makes support easily accessible to all Explorers.

Updated mining and commissions claim balances when mining: We added faster refresh rates for mined and claimable Trilium balance.

Syndicate User Experience Performance Improvements: We significantly improved the UX of the Syndicates module to make it faster.

Integrated “NFTs left/maxed” to the NFT Outpost: We updated the NFT outpost to accurately reflect the number of remaining mints available for each NFT. (see image below)

Updated Manage Candidacy Page Buttons: We added new buttons that are visually consistent with the game’s style.

Release 1.2.0 Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that was displaying “%” on Next NFT Rank: We fixed the bug that showed land commission percentage on the next NFT rank preview image.

Custodians Received Vote Power in the Planet Details Page: We fixed the bug that caused the UI to incorrectly display vote power for Syndicate Custodians.

Fixed a Decimal bug for Candidate’s Received Vote Power: We fixed a bug that incorrectly placed the decimal in candidates vote power.

Updated Charge Multiplier Icon: We updated the charge multiplier icon within the UI.

Switch Land Filters Fixed: The Commission filter was collapsing when Explorers set the desired commission to zero.

Missions Rarity Icon: We fixed the bug that caused Mission rarity icons to be displayed in the wrong color.

Fixed Compilation Errors: We fixed a couple of compilation errors on the main page in the console.

Fixed Syndicates ‘Vote Power’ Buttons: These buttons now accurately reflect being hovered over by changing to white.

Fixed Candidates Voting Checkboxes: Updated styling.

Fixed ‘Add Vote Power’ overlay: We changed the font used in the ‘Add Vote Power’ overlay.

Fixed Missions and User Points Buttons: We changed the font used in the Missions and User Points pages.

Updated High Boost Percentage Value: We updated the high boost percentage to 0.21%. Previously this was showing at 0.18%, which was incorrect.

Aligned the vote buttons on the mobile Governance page: Previously these buttons were offcentered.

Fixed Top Menu ‘Exchange Points’ Button: Previously, this button jittered when hovered over.

Fixed Resizing Desktop UI Bug: Previously the UI would intermittently become unresponsive when resizing the UI on desktop computers.

Fix Multiple Scrollbars Showing on the NFT Grid: Previously, in the Inventory and Shining pages, the grid for the NFT cards displayed two scrollbars at the same time.

Fixed Stake/Unstake Error Messages: We fixed the bug that caused the UI to display error messages when Explorers attempted stake and unstake actions.

We are continuing to work on new features and improvements. Please stay tuned for future product release updates.

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