Pirates in the Metaverse!

Pirates in the Metaverse!

Weekends in the Alien Worlds Social Metaverse — Treasure Hunt #3

‘Pay attention Explorers! This is your Commander — Church 185.

Roskrow Pirates have again raided a Federation Tools Depot.
These Tools must not be allowed to stay in the hands of these blood thirsty vagabonds.

Recovery beacons are transmitting faint signals from 6 Lands where Tools are suspected to be buried.

“We need the geniuses of the Metaverse, and surely there are many, to decode these transmissions and rescue the Tools,” said Commander Church 185. “Our drones are scouting the Metaverse in search of these Lands and will post updated photos of the lands at 00:00 UTC, Saturday and Sunday on Alien Worlds Social Networks.”

“There is no “no-win” scenario” — Cdr Church Starship Officer, Hero of the Federation

“Explorers, ready your ships! It’s gonna be a rough ride but the fate of thousands of Explorers is in your hands!”

Meanwhile, keep your eyes out for Pirates in the Metaverse.


Tool Rarity limit: None

Tool Shine limit: None

Scoring: This event will be scored by multiplying the total Trilum Mining power of your tools by the NFT luck of your tools.

Attempts: 80 total during the entire event. Each attempt over 80 will penalize the players score by 4 percent.

Locations: Images of 3 lands will be posted at 00:00 UTC, Saturday and Sunday on Alien Worlds Social Networks. Mine on any of the 3 lands each day.

Treasure Hunt Lands will be posted on these Alien Worlds Social Networks:

Discord: https://discord.io/alienworldsofficial

Reddit: http://reddit.com/r/AlienWorldsOfficial

Telegram: https://t.me/AlienWorldsOffical

Twitter https://twitter.com/AlienWorlds


Watch the results on the Treasure Hunt Leaderboard here.

Portal to Alien Worlds Mining

Using your WAX Cloud Wallet, login at http://play.alienworlds.io/

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