New Alien Worlds Missions Game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Play Includes Travel Through the Social Metaverse and BSC NFTs

The Alien Worlds Missions Game is now live!

How to Play Alien Worlds Missions

Types Alien Worlds Missions

Supply Missions Boost Colony

Maiden Exploration Missions Launch

Recovery Mission En Route to Missing Ship

Battle Mission to Break Siege

Hope of Liberation for Diplomats

Mission Scouts Map New Wormhole

Artifact Mission Finds Clue to Missing Orb

New Workshops Make Kinder Miners

Community-based Missions

Missions NFT Game Cards









NFT Game Card Statistics

Crafting Keys

Crafting Keys

Missions Game Indication (Top Right)

Base Power

Base Power

Boost Power

Boost Power

The Technical Construction of Alien Worlds

How to Use the Teleport Wormhole to Send Tokens

What Are the Top Uses of Teleport?

EOSUSA hosts community event NFT drops and shares current events.

Creating Community Events in Alien Worlds Missions

Play with Friends in Alien Worlds Social Networks & Communities

“On my first mission and joining in with the rest of the crew aboard the ship and my insides are all squirmy but then its just my first mission” — Nicholas

“Back in the day, when the first Missions went live I was but a young cadet, eager to prove myself. I was waiting with my squad in the hangar. The craft were all shiny and new and we were all starry-eyed. Dreaming of faraway planets and adventure. Then the launch…so many joined the Missions! And the sky became filled with spaceships…everyone wanted to take to orbit…it was magical! A real rush to the stars…” — The Miner from Rusty Montains on Magor

“I dented my first thruster assembly on that mission, the sarge in the hanger was furious! His brand new ship already dinged. I would never hear the end of this from my fellow cadets” — Coneman , Missionier, Red Squad

Spacecraft have been seen leaving Planet Binance, including the Galaktika.World spaceships.

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