Metaverse Ownership Goes Beyond The Blockchain

Metaverse Ownership Goes Beyond The Blockchain

The First Step in Decentralizing the Alien WorldsTM IP

Alien Worlds
3 min readDec 14, 2022


Community is everything. In a metaversal ecosystem the community is owner, builder, and beneficiary all at once. To this end, we believe that the technology, worlds, characters, stories, and lore that make up Alien WorldsTM should be made available to the community. True to this principle, much of the Alien Words code is open source, and the community enjoys great freedom with regard to many characters and stories within Alien WorldsTM Lore. In no uncertain terms, for any metaverse to be successful it must be decentralized and owned by its community in the truest sense. The launch of the Syndicates, which have complete control over their spendings treasury, was a large leap toward that. The Syndicates themselves will continue to move toward more total autonomy as new features and tools are released.

Here is a breakdown of the Alien WorldsTM ecosystem as we see it.

  1. Application layer — applications, games, and tools, both protected and unprotected IP (
  2. Community layer — smart contracts of Syndicates, the people that make up the community
  3. Technology layer — the blockchain, the fungible and non-fungible tokens

While on-chain decentralization is paramount, matters of intellectual property, trademark, and copyright are still decided off-chain by contracts and courts. We seek to unite off-chain IP management with on-chain actions and therefore propose to each Syndicate a license agreement that will allow the free and official use of the Alien WorldsTM name and logos as well as certain Alien WorldsTM copyrights at their own discretion for non-commercial use, along with the term “Community”, within the scope of said agreement.


To put it simply, we are proposing to every Syndicate that they create and execute an on-chain Syndicate proposal that will act as a signature for this agreement. Not only is this a good first step in the right direction, but it’s groundbreaking activity occurring between traditional entities and DAOs.

It is up to each Syndicate what constitutes a “signature”, so long as it is approved by each Syndicate Council in a vote on-chain. (e.g., transferring 1 TLM to a designated account)

This is a good start, but this is only half the story. This license agreement is for non-commercial use only. This means if a Syndicate were to build a game that used the Alien WorldsTM IP to drive revenue, for example, the agreement would not cover that use. But the ultimate goal is the creation of a standard framework providing any builder within the community, through the Syndicates, to build revenue driving applications, games, and experiences, on top of the Alien WorldsTM ecosystem. We are working hard to develop that. Until we get there, please contact us at if you would like permission for commercial use of Alien WorldsTM IP. We are happy to look at ways to accommodate that on a case by case basis.

We will build this together.

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