Land Sale Today

Today is the Alien Worlds’ Land live Dutch auction!

5th Dec 2020 @

Here’s some important points

  • Every hour the price drops until we sell out — but don’t wait — when the rush starts they go quickly.
  • Join our Telegram or Discord to ask questions, or email
  • Newbies without crypto, we recommend using the ‘WAX’ sale option — you must set up a WAX Cloud Wallet ( . You can then ‘buy WAX’ through Moonpay and go back to our sale to place to your pre order or bid.
  • All bidders must have a WAX Cloud Wallet (ETH and WAX bidders)

See our Land Roadmap and More on Why you Want Land! and some extra special reasons why you may want to get in early — Xdimension Storm Giants, KOGs Astronauts and more.

Buzz is at the max! Our telegram has doubled in a week, and in the last few days alone:

We have had lots of press coverage:




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Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds

Official Medium account for the Alien Worlds Metaverse

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