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The Galactic Hubs team chose individuals independent of Dacoco with a unique combination of skills, backgrounds, and experience in NFTs, software development, communications and real-world applications to represent grant categories. Judges are tasked with selecting candidates from a pool of verified applicants whose proposal illustrates public benefit to the ecosystem, execution skills, clear deliverables, and a clear use of funds. Following a four-week development period, category judges are then to evaluate, and score projects with consideration to the application’s intended goals. Throughout the process, their aim is to guide and support projects that inspire others and perfectly blend the interests of our community and the Alien Worlds ecosystem.


Technical Infrastructure: Jun Dam

Founder of bitcashBank/100x Trade (, DeFi & crypto on-ramp startup built on EOS. He has followed crypto since mid-2012 and before that worked in financial services for nearly a decade. He co-organized crypto events such as the World Crypto Economic Forum in San Francisco that drew over 1,400 attendees in 2018 as well as a number of online crypto events as early as 2017. Passionate about DAOs and currently involved in:

dBoard — DAO community management tool to get work done

UGDP — Universal Gift Dividend non-profit DAO (

Member of Fractally and Eden on EOS DAOs.

Real-World Solutions: Luke Stokes

As of 2021, Luke Stokes is a unique human experience individuated through preferences and memory, expressing itself through various roles and labels such as the Managing Director for the Foundation for Interwallet Operability, the co-founder and lead developer of FoxyCart for ten years, the elected validator since May 2017 on the DPoS chains Steem, Hive, and EOS, the elected custodian member of eosDAC, and a husband, father, and technology community enthusiast passionate about creating a world we all want to live in. Luke has owned cryptocurrency since January 2013 and wants to see blockchain technology used as global, non-violent consensus helping humanity move towards more voluntary interactions.

eSports & Gaming: Michael Bohnen

Michael Bohnen is the CTO of EOSUSA, a block producer/validator on many public and private blockchains. His 20+ years in the IT field helps him build and manage the blockchain service infrastructure for the WAX blockchain as well as dozens of others. Additionally, he consults with many projects around the space to help integrate blockchain technology into their applications and he even builds a few programs himself when the need arises.

EOSUSA is one of the leading blockchain service providers specializing in providing the infrastructure/expertise required to operate and integrate blockchain services. With a dedicated hosting facility in Greenville, South Carolina, USA, they provide core transaction validation services in addition to public API, layer-2, and integration services applications required to utilize blockchain features. They also work with many projects around the space to provide additional services needed, such as application development, data automation and analytics, and user support helpdesk services.

Storytelling: Simon Drew

Simon is the filmmaker for Alien Worlds and heads up the video production division of Dacoco. His production company Kaspar Films has produced content for BBC, Cartoon Network, Philips, UBS and a range of organisations over the last 20 years. He is a graduate of the University of Westminster film school and winner of the New Entrepreneur Scholarship to Babson College, MA.

His short films and screenplays have picked up the 27th Euroscript screenplay award, the Audience Award at Bornshorts International Film Festival and reached the semi-finals of the Final Draft Big Break, Shore Scripts and NYC Midnight Competitions.

Simon is excited to be assisting Galactic Hubs to promote and facilitate the talented and innovative Explorers within the Alien Worlds community.

Check out some of the videos Simon produced for Alien Worlds:
Alien Worlds Mission Insider — Series 1
Galactic Hubs Community Grants and Awards

Art & Collectibles: Lisa Chandler

Lisa Chandler is an advocate for people around the world who work and play together in anticipation of more decentralized, abundant and rewarding time on Earth for all. Lisa’s background includes five years in decentralized communities, decades in early startup creation and development, plus years of nonprofit management and fundraising, usually with focus on revenue and growth. Innovative technologies and engagement paths that she has helped bring to life and emerge into the cultural landscape include community direct marketing, online giving, gene-based cancer solutions, AI-as-a-Service, and blockchain-based game paths and experiences. Lisa was first an early player of Alien Worlds, created the first community NFT drop to Alien Worlds players with Co-founder Robert and soon became one of the early core members at Dacoco, the parent company of Alien Worlds. Lisa continues to design game play experiences for Alien Worlds players as a community member and is running to be aPlanetary DAO Custodian on Veles. Find Lisa in the Metaverse in her coffee shop @lisascoffeeshop and in community game workshops at

Grant applications are open! Here’s how to apply

Accelerated grant applications remain open until 16th of August 2022. For teams seeking funding of up to 5,000 Trilium (TLM) or less, the way to apply is by registering an account on the Galactic Hubs website. Applications submitted can be approved in as little as 72 hours. In general, the best way to get your application approved is to include a thorough development roadmap with clear deliverables.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the grants process, feel free to reach out: For more information about the grants program, visit

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