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3 min readSep 25, 2020


Alien Worlds is a brand new framework, made up of Defi algorithms and unique digital items which all interact with each other.

One of the first things you’ll be able to do in the Alien Worlds metaverse is mine for Trilium and NFTs. This is a great new way to earn rewards you can use in the ecosystem.

Here’s the short version — To mine on Alien Worlds you just need to ..

  1. Pick a Planet
  2. Choose some Land
  3. Select your Tools (and wait for them to charge if necessary)
  4. Hit the mine button

There’s a bit more detail below with a few helpful starter hints.

First you have to pick a planet to mine on. Some planets may have bigger reward pools than others and some may be incentivising users more so choose carefully.

There are actually 6 planets to choose from

Then you have to choose your land. If you are a wealthy explorer you may have got some of your own land to mine on or you may want to mine on a friends land. If you mine on someone else's land then you have to share the yield with them.

For example, here’s a projection map of Planet Eyeke split into it’s different plots.

There are 20 different terrain types and each one has modifiers which affect the amount of the pot you can get and how much chance you have to get an NFT.

Now, if you just want to mine quickly and often you probably want to stick to the plains and quick charge time tools. If you want to set up your operation and only come two or three times a day then an active volcano and some explosives may be a good choice.

Now select your tools. As a new explorer you will get a shovel, but as soon as you are lucky enough to find another tool, or get one from an Alien Worlds launch pack, then that will help you in your mining endeavours.

Each tool has a charge time which tells you long you to charge for before you can mine. Each tool also has stats that affect how much Trilium share you can take away and how lucky you may be with respect to NFTs.

You can use up to 3 tools at a time and if you use 3 you get the one with the shortest charge time free of any extra delays.

Then, when everything is ready you can mine and get your share of the planets Trilium pool. If you are really lucky you may also get an Alien Worlds NFT.

There’s plenty of different strategies to try to either maximise your Trilium share or NFT haul. So get ready to grab some tools and land and get mining.

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