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4 min readOct 28, 2020

Out of the box all NFTs released by the Federation are the lowest level of shininess, which is stone.

The only way to acquire NFTs of greater shininess is to shine them yourself!

The process of shining turns them from stone to gold, then stardust, then antimatter.

Stone → Gold → Stardust → Antimatter

4 Stone Nordics shined together to make a gold

The difference between rarity and shininess

Shininess is not the same thing as rarity.

Within Alien Worlds, NFTs have six different ‘rarity’ levels. These are: abundant, common, rare, epic, legendary and mythical.

You can buy NFTs directly from the Federation at the different levels of rarity by participating in the NFT sales this autumn. Each sale delivers packs with different probabilities of having cards of the six different rarities. Rarer NFTs generally have greater powers in the mining and fighting games.

With the four shine levels, you cannot buy them pre-made at the different levels of shininess. You have to combine — or forge — NFTs together, to create a single NFT with a higher level of shininess. (The only slight exception here is the XDimension — XDimension is a shine level that was available in the rare pack sale and cannot be created through shining).

You shine up 4 of the same NFT

Your starting point is 4 of the same NFT card.

In order to shine them up, they must be the same NFT — study the card

  • If tool: look at the image on the card — same image, same tool
  • If avatar: again, the same card image will show you it’s the same avatar
4 Gold Nordics make a Stardust
  • If weapon: again, the same card image will show you it’s the same weapon
  • If minion: look at the element name just below the race. To be shined, both element and race must be same across the cards
  • If artifact: we haven’t released any artifacts yet, so more on this narrative line to come
  • If land: sorry, you can’t shine land. Land is a special type of NFT that allows the owner to earn income by charging a commission on mining

The four NFTs also have to be of the same shine level to start (all NFTs start at stone shininess).

How to shine your NFTs

You perform the ‘shine’ action on your NFTs using our interface, along with providing the required Trilium.

If the four NFTs you’re trying to shine aren’t the same, the system will reject your attempt (your Trilium will be returned to you).

How much Trilium is required to shine up my NFTs to the next level?

You need to provide Trilium along with your four NFTs. The amount of Trilium depends on the shininess and rarity of the NFTs you’re shining up.

Trilium required to upgrade

Why would I want a shined NFT?

In general, shined up NFTs will have better game play stats. They’ll also be much, much rarer so you might prefer to own them for your own collector’s pleasure. We’ll be revealing the stat benefits in due course.

They also look cooler.

Ted Shadewick: Stone and Gold Variants
Ted Shadewick: Stardust and Antimatter Variants

Mint numbers

When a shined up NFT is minted, it will have a new mint number associated with it. Someone who is first to shine up will get the first mint on the newly created shined card.

To summarise

  • Shining requires 4 of the same NFT
  • Shining also requires Trilium
  • After shining, your 4 previous NFTs are burned and instead you have a new NFT of the higher level of shininess, but the same level of rarity
  • Your new NFT will have a new mint number based on how many of the newly shined item have been created
  • You have to shine up step-by-step through the shine levels. You can only create an antimatter NFT by shining up 4 stardust, for example
  • NFTs shined up to gold, dust and antimatter will be rarer and rarer
  • You can’t shine up land

Attributes of Shined Items

These can be found here : -



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