Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Laying the foundation for a prosperous metaverse with a series of recent enhancements

A new technological frontier

Improvements to the metaverse


  • Smoother mining and claiming process using multiple threads: individual parallel access to all elements of the game
  • Multi-device (desktop and mobile) synchronization: mining cooldown and other settings are synced across all devices
  • NFT state changes synced across platforms: any changes to equipped Tools, Land, mining actions, or other NFTs will be regularly synchronized with wallets across all connected devices
  • Active visual style: selected items will now be visible in the menu
  • For example “Switch Planet”, “Switch Tools,” and “Switch Land”


  • Improved MetaMask account handling: added support for in-session detection of multiple wallets, changing of account or chain, and wallet connect or disconnect in the Missions game
  • Improved sorting and data display: added sorting missions by status and time.
  • Improved chain handling: Missions game running in a parallel process to prevent interfering with the rest of the interface.
  • Enhanced MetaMask account management: simpler wallet handling prevents invalid MetaMask configuration from locking up the Mining game
  • Redirect to initial URL after login: when a user follows a direct link but is not logged in, after logging in they will be redirected to the original link

General Improvements

  • Increased speed of website login and page refresh: Access speeds doubled for WAX Cloud Wallet and MetaMask
  • Handling of any broken links: When trying to access an unknown link, an error page will be shown to the user for 5 seconds. The user will then be redirected to the inventory.
  • NFT Inventory Grouping: added functionality to group identical NFTs in all the inventory pages
  • Faster NFT inventory for large collections: reduced loading times by 80X, enables managing thousands of items without slowing down the user experience
  • Deep linking to all game pages. For example, a direct link to join a mission or share on socials: https://play.alienworlds.io/missions/953/join
  • Persistent Sorting Filters: improved inventory sorting in Shining, Missions, etc is now persistent during the session
  • 5X faster application and page initialization on every page
  • Bug fixes and improvements in the inventory and sort-bar tool
  • AI-assisted background synchronization: token balances and inventory contents in the Mining and Missions games are automatically retrieved in the most efficient way

What Explorers are saying

Upcoming Improvements

Refining for the future



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