Alien Worlds Celebrates a Year in the Metaverse

Happy First Anniversary Alien Worlds!

Alien Worlds Celebrates a Year in the Metaverse


Seven Planets have been discovered in Alien Worlds. One of those Planets is Planet B, which launched Alien Worlds Missions. The other six Planets are: Veles, Kavian, Eyeke, Magor, Neri and Naron. Candidates have emerged to run for Planetary Councilor of each of the Planets, and have begun to define their positions and platforms in anticipation of elections in 2022.


Landowners manage more than 3,000 Lands on Alien Worlds. The most successful Landowners have hosted events and activities to attract Explorers to their land, creating a vibrant and thriving Metaverse for Explorers and their communities.

I started making NFT’s to give out to people mining my Magor land. From here, we are still running promos and comps each month and still having a whole heap of fun!

-Huddo, Art by Huddo Community


NFTs are representations of concepts and assets that exist in the Metaverse. Alien Worlds NFT game cards include Avatars, Minions, Lands, Weapons, Tools and special edition collaboration NFTs. Ultra Rare Horrors, Kogs, CryptomonKeys and artists in the Art Collab 1 series (launching soon!) have all created official collaborative NFTs within the Alien Worlds Metaverse. In addition, many communities have emerged to create their own NFTs to share with Alien Worlds Miners.

I received my first great Tool NFTs from a friend. He told me about Alien Worlds and sent me a Dacalizer and a Nanominer. Those Tools I received are now sentimental and I keep them not only to mine more TLM, but as a memory of the power of communities and the friendships we have built throughout the year.
- Lisa Chandler from the KROWN Community


During its first year, Alien Worlds Mining game has become one of the most popular blockchain games in the Metaverse, with an average of more than 10 million transactions/plays per day.


Alien Worlds Missions game was released in late 2021, with game mechanics on Binance Smart Chain, and Trilium Teleporting functionality between the WAX blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. Missions quickly became widely acclaimed, providing additional rewarding experiences for Explorers.


Explorers have naturally joined together into communities, whether affiliated by Planetary interests, Mining collaborations, events, or shared ideology. Community leaders have been some of the most creative and innovative Explorers in the Metaverse. Many Explorer Communities have been supporting Miners since the early days, creating events and activities that engage players from around the world and across social platforms. Alien Worlds Explorer Communities can be discovered at the Explorers’ Station, a satellite created to provide resources and connections to Alien Worlds Explorers.

Finally the day to mine came along. Again a seminal shift in what I thought was possible. Did I need a warehouse of super computers powered by a large hydro-Electric plant to mine crypto currency? No, Sir! All I needed was the right NFTs and an Alien Worlds Land to direct my attention to and suddenly my Wax crypto currency wallet had TLM in it!

- Anonymous Explorer


A number of Mining events as well as games and engagement opportunities have been hosted over the last year throughout Alien Worlds Official Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Twitch channels.

I made so many friends and met so cool and kind people there it’s hard to describe. For the first time after some time I feel that I belong somewhere.

– Sorderon, Good Vibes Mining Community

Other Explorer communities have hosted a wealth of events over the year, including but not limited to Alien Army World, Alien Art Mining, ARTVNDMCHN, Bluemoon/shoothemoon, CAIT, Conelandia, CryptomonKeys, Galaktika, Kinder Miners, Mercenary Arts Mining, Nathan4Naron, Sammy Snake Community, Ultra Horrors, and Zombie Worlds Art by Byron. The contributions these communities have made play seminal roles in the growth and vibrancy of the Metaverse. Alien Worlds is honored to be a community-built Metaverse, and this year has set the tone for what will likely be many expansive and dynamic years to come!


Creators of games using WAX NFTs have been adding to the official Alien Worlds lore story their own lore extensions, and inviting Alien Worlds Explorers to participate in their community games and events. This has made for a thriving and robust Metaverse, with opportunities for creators around every turn.


EOSUSA Games has created technology to provide community creators easy ways to share their NFTs with Alien Worlds players who are Mining on Alien Worlds Planets. Reports from EOSUSA include recipients of NFT rewards, which provide transparency into games across the Metaverse. Continuing to innovate technology resources for community creators, EOSUSA Games has become an invaluable resource to Explorers who want to create and develop in Alien Worlds.


During the past year, Alien Worlds launched into the Metaverse not only the Alien Worlds Mining game, but also the Alien Worlds Missions game. Both are technological innovations using blockchain technology, smart contracts, and NFTs. Alien Worlds Mining uses NFTs on the WAX blockchain, and Missions provide NFT rewards on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Both also provide Trilium (TLM) rewards to players.

We always try to push the boundaries, and Alien Worlds has been a great platform for us to do that. They’re a great team, who we enjoy working with, and who approach the space in a community-minded way. This is why we were very happy to collaborate again with the Alien Worlds team for our Interstellar Emissary and Intergalactic Zombie NFTs.

- Richie, Ultra Rare Community

Shared Values

The core concepts of decentralisation, transparency, more equitable rewards for creators, and play-to-earn have been fundamental to the community members that have co-created the Alien Worlds Metaverse. These concepts have increasingly been highlighted in mainstream media, including famous brands recognising these values and adopting these concepts, as well.

Happy 1st Anniversary Explorers!

Happy 1st Anniversary Explorers!

The Metaverse

Alien Worlds Offers the Social Metaverse to Play, Create, Share and Thrive!

With more than 5 million players ever and more than 10 million plays per day, Alien Worlds is consistently one of the top blockchain games on DappRadar ranking charts. Alien Worlds has inspired creators to create, share and thrive in the Social Metaverse. The Federation would like to thank all Explorers for making this possible.

About the Alien Worlds Social Metaverse

What would you do, if you could create anything in the world? Join the Alien Worlds simulation of Earth’s economy using the Trilium (TLM) game token. Seek your fortune and thrive in the Trilium and NFT Social Metaverse. Get started by traveling through the Wormhole at and start Mining at Welcome to Alien Worlds!

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