Alien Worlds Celebrates a Year in the Metaverse

Happy First Anniversary Alien Worlds!

Alien Worlds Celebrates a Year in the Metaverse



I started making NFT’s to give out to people mining my Magor land. From here, we are still running promos and comps each month and still having a whole heap of fun!

-Huddo, Art by Huddo Community


I received my first great Tool NFTs from a friend. He told me about Alien Worlds and sent me a Dacalizer and a Nanominer. Those Tools I received are now sentimental and I keep them not only to mine more TLM, but as a memory of the power of communities and the friendships we have built throughout the year.
- Lisa Chandler from the KROWN Community




Finally the day to mine came along. Again a seminal shift in what I thought was possible. Did I need a warehouse of super computers powered by a large hydro-Electric plant to mine crypto currency? No, Sir! All I needed was the right NFTs and an Alien Worlds Land to direct my attention to and suddenly my Wax crypto currency wallet had TLM in it!

- Anonymous Explorer


I made so many friends and met so cool and kind people there it’s hard to describe. For the first time after some time I feel that I belong somewhere.

– Sorderon, Good Vibes Mining Community




We always try to push the boundaries, and Alien Worlds has been a great platform for us to do that. They’re a great team, who we enjoy working with, and who approach the space in a community-minded way. This is why we were very happy to collaborate again with the Alien Worlds team for our Interstellar Emissary and Intergalactic Zombie NFTs.

- Richie, Ultra Rare Community

Shared Values

Happy 1st Anniversary Explorers!

Happy 1st Anniversary Explorers!

The Metaverse

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